The loss of a loved one or one’s self

There are several types of loss. The loss can be death, divorce , or a the loss of yourself due to emotional or mental abuse. The loss can be the loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship or a job.The pain of loss is a pain that can not be explained. You only understand that type of pain if you have experienced it. There is a loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness that controls our waking and sleeping hours. Time will lessen the sadness but it will never go away completely.

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Heavenly Oatmeal bars and a fun family reunion!

On Sunday evening Daniel, Julia, and I, along with some other relatives, visited my grandparents. We laughed and cheered as we watched the children try out their “train.” With their imagination at its best, they constructed a train. It consisted of two three-wheeled bicycles as the engineers, with a nephew sitting in one of the carriers, followed by a little wagon with Julia and two other cousins. Next came a bike cart carrying a child, then after that were three small two-wheeled...

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Recent events in Western Ohio highlight the importance of a federal bill

Grand Lake St. Marys is a landmark of the 84th House District, promoting jobs in the area and offering a place that families can visit to fish, boat, and enjoy time together.Being residents of western Ohio and the Grand Lake St. Marys area, we are all familiar with Algal Blooms, and it is something we have been dealing with for decades. We are also aware of the successful remediation of Indian Lake, which has seen significant improvement in water quality. At Grand Lake St. Marys ef...

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Grandma and Grandpa Gauvey usually take the grandchildren to see the animals at the Great Darke County Fair early in the week so that when their Dad and I take the kids we can concentrate on rides, games and refreshments.One memorable ride last year was Joe’s on the little airplanes. Both Joe and John wanted to ride them so when it was time to board I popped Joe in the closest one and walked on around to put John in another seat.I turned around and Joe was gone. I ...

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Reel to reel

“The only surviving movie house in Greenville. A renovated former live theatre built in the 1920’s and owned by Tony Macci. It had converted to movies by 1941, when the seating capacity was 460. It was split into two smaller theatres, each with 120 seats, in the late-1970’s or very early-1980’s.” - from Cinema Treasures

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2014 Annie Oakley Festival

Editor:The Annie Oakley Festival Committee would like to extend their sincerest thanks to those businesses who graciously helped sponsor the 2014 Annie Oakley festival. This year’s attendees seemed pleased about the move to York Woods and commented that the location is closer to Annie’s possible hunting grounds. The committee is also pleased with all the positive feedback from everyone. Only with the generous help from the committee can the Annie Oakley Festival continu...

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The cartoon me

When I was a boy I watched my share of cartoons and child-oriented television programming. I loved Underdog and Captain Kangaroo and Popeye (“I’m strong to the finish ‘cause I eats me spinach”). I remember begging my mother to purchase some canned spinach and then forcing the disgusting green goo down my gullet, Popeye style. I stared at my scrawny-even-when-flexed biceps for minutes, expecting battleship guns to emerge and fire magically as they regularly did in the c...

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You and me God, against the world

Have you ever felt like the whole world is against you? Some times it feels that way doesn’t it. Even if you are right and know you are right, the world often is really not interested in what is right, they only want what they want anyway.This little story kind of puts things in perspective.

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As mentioned last week I received a question from a reader of the Murphysboro American in Murphysboro, Illinois, about divorce in the situation of abuse. Last week, I responded with the Biblical relationship between a husband and wife, emphasizing how they should treat one another. This week, to further answer the question we will look at the subject of divorce as outlined in the Scripture. Remember, the Bible also uses the term “to put away” in speaking of divorce.

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Fair week is upon us

This has been a week unto itself. Some good news which we like to hear….some bad news, which we don’t.And, then there is fair week, which is underway. Fair week is always bittersweet. You love the Great Darke County Fair but when it ends, look what’s coming….school opens and winter is around the corner.Where did the summer go?I guess I’m go...

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Take a chance with DCCA

Do you know why most people who don’t attend shows presented by Darke County Center for the Arts don’t attend DCCA presentations? Because they never have; and sometimes because nobody that they know goes.

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All we need is love

The Beatles got it right with their song “All You Need is Love.” Everybody wants to be loved, everybody needs love and in truth everybody is loved. But why don’t we always feel loved and why is it so hard to find the love we crave?Most of us equate love with romance, but in tennis love means nothing. Remember the old Love Tester Arcade Machines that you would see at fairs, arcades, restaurants, etc.? For ten cents one could test their appeal by gripping the handle...

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Life – the golden stage

Life comes and happens in stages. We come into the world being dependent on someone to care for us and most of the time we leave the world being dependent on someone to care for us. Hopefully, someone who loves us.I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the golden stage of life lately. Several people who are close to me are in that stage or heading into that direction.I think of retirement as the Golden Stage.The next stage is a difficult stage, the fina...

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An Amish Love Story and Wedding Salisbury Steak

Another week has swiftly passed.Friday evening was a highlight for me. Everyone in church was invited to participate in an informal singing at the school house. Throughout the evening several men shared some inspirational thoughts. Something that stood out for me was what a brother said about having hectic lifestyles and schedules. He challenged us to examine our lives to see whether we have a Jesus schedule or if we weren’t too busy to take time for what really counts in lif...

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Family keeps on growing

Houses don’t shrink, but families do grow!When we moved into our current home, we had great, glorious gobs of room. The storage space was unbelievable. We actually had one room upstairs to use just for storage.But, that was five children ago.If you have been a resident of Ohio for over six months, you are undoubtedly aware of the fact that we Buckeyes require two separate wardrobes—one for hot weather and one for cold.Now, if you multipl...

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The loss of a loved one or one’s self

There are several types of loss. The loss can be death,...

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