School fair this weekend

Fall brings cooler nights and long sleeves. Fall brings festivals to celebrate the harvest. And so it is time to get ready for the Tri-Village School Fair. Originally this festive event was to compete for growing large and hearty veggies and to compare and compete for the best of the golden corn. Pies and canned goods filled the home economics room and ribbons were prized!

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Fall garden tasks

Fall is a great time in the garden and a good time to look back to our successes and maybe some things that didn’t grow as we thought it would. The cooler weather makes fall an ideal season to spend some time in the garden.Before you cut back your perennials, collect dried seed from open pollinated flowers or veggies. You can save the seed to sow in the spring. Cut back your perennials and remove all foliage that might be diseased and dispose somewhere other than the compost....

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Sleep-outs adventuresome

Do you remember “The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe”? One night during vacation I found out just how she must have felt.We had a great sleep-in. There were six kids here over night in addition to our usual eight, plus the cat and two dogs. Some were out back in a tent. Some were on the living room floor, and some were on the front porch in an assortment of sleeping bags and blankets. And some actually wound up in proper beds upstairs.Notice I didn’t say ...

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Sound and fury

In the Disney Pixar movie “Monsters, Inc.” the eponymous monsters acquire energy to run their fair city (Monstropolis, of course) by traveling through mystical doors that serve as gateways to the closets of the world’s children.Once they’ve arrived at their destinations, they terrify their subjects and capture the energy contained in the little ones’ screams. Their scheme supplies Monstropolis’ significant power needs, but as the plot progresses ...

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Fire Prevention Day is Saturday

Don’t forget this Saturday is Fire Prevention Day at the Arcanum Fire Department. The fourth annual open house is set to begin with a parade at 11:30 a.m. starting at the school and ending at the fire house.Following the parade, there will be an opening ceremony and an afternoon of fun including fire truck rides, a demonstration of the extrication of a vehicle with the department’s new extrication tool, Care Flight will arrive at 2 p.m., and a cake walk with plenty of g...

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Learning to let God use you…

I’ve long been convinced that every person has a talent; every person has a gift that they can use for God. It might be an ability to do only one thing for one person or you might be able to do a lot of good things for a lot of people. It may be the ability to serve and please God in a personal way, but everyone has something.I have also been long convinced that the greatest problem people have in using there talents is just doing it. If we have a problem it is the fact that ...

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SOUL Walk an eye-opener

If anybody ever gets the chance to attend a SOUL (Survivors of Unspeakable Loss) Walk in the future should do it.Just talking with the survivors is an eye-opener. It makes you realize that there are people hurting out there because of the loss of loved ones.This year the butterfly released was amazing to me. Cody Lester yelled at me telling that one had landed on my arm and someone else said they saw o...

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Asking questions about the impact of the North Coast on nutrient loading

Recent concerns at Lake Erie have increased public awareness of the importance of water and reducing phosphorous loading in Ohio waterways. Water is important to our quality of life and the recent issues in Toledo that left 400,000 residents without clean drinking water has brought this issue to the fore front in a hurry.The Mayor of Toledo acted swiftly to ensure the citizens of Toledo were kept safe following an algae bloom over the top of the water intake for the City of Toledo ...

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Kasich wants to send a message

Editor:A few weeks ago, I got the privilege of seeing Governor John Kasich talk two separate times, with each speech being different but equally important. The first one was an event before the Ohio State vs Virginia Tech game last Saturday where both Lt. Governor Mary Taylor and Governor Kasich spoke to Columbus city residents about his plan going forward to Election Day.

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Nurturing imaginations, teaching lessons

Doug Berky quietly steps out on stage, greeting his audience in a quiet low-key manner, then makes sure that he’s at a place where people learn things. Next, he advises that when you learn something new, you often make mistakes - but that you can also learn from your mistakes.

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Combating Opiate Addiction from the Start, the Issue of Overprescribing

Since the beginning of 2013, the Ohio General Assembly has been working tirelessly to study the opiate addiction epidemic that plagues Ohio and its public health. Two study committees have traveled around the state during the summers to learn from public officials, law enforcement, and constituents about how the epidemic has had real-life impacts on society. The research and time put into the issue has resulted in a package of legislation that directly addresses different aspects of the issue...

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Let’s kick start our economy

If you look at America’s economy, it’s flat – it hasn’t been growing as it should.While Ohio is moving forward thanks to common-sense Republican economic solutions, concern remains about the condition of our nation as a whole. And for the first time perhaps ever, most parents in America doubt that the next generation in our country will be better off than the current one.I hear about this over and over again when I meet with families and businesse...

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On and ‘Bout Broadway- October

Oct. 3 – The Darke County Visitors Center will host the grand opening at 421 S. Broadway, Greenville. For First Friday, three local artists will display their works at the center and along Broadway, during the Main Street Artisan Stroll Event from 6-9 p.m. Stores will also be open. For information about the Visitors Center contact Deanna York at 548-5158. Be sure to stop in.Oct. 3 is also Greenville High School Homecoming weekend.Oct. 6 – The Greenville High ...

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A fine line

There’s a fine line between convenience and laziness and there’s a fine line between innovative technology and the dawning of stupidity. Our smart phones and car computer technology might just be making tomorrow’s society less capable of what had been considered basic knowledge and skills.There are people today that do not know how to open their garage door if the electricity goes out, or how to get into their locked cars if their keyless remote isn’t workin...

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Beware of job scams, jobs with strings attached

It seems that no matter what the situation is, there are often times someone who is ready to take advantage of a person or their situation for their own benefit.Anyone can be a victim of a scam. It is important to be alert and if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Sometimes we can be in situations where we feel desperate and let our guard down. That is not wise. There are people out there who prey on those people who are down on their luck or going through a ...

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School fair this weekend

Fall brings cooler nights and long sleeves. Fall brings...

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