Hillbilly Hot Dogs – Soup and Grilled Cheese

We like to try unique places to eat when we’re traveling so we checked out a couple of food establishments seen on television shows Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and Shark Tank.

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A river runs through it

Water is amazing stuff. I frequently need to remind myself of this because I take its properties, existence, and accessibility (to us) for granted.

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Plenty of activities slated

It is always good news when the Legion chicken suppers are offered on the first Saturday night of the month. Starting this Saturday, you can treat yourself and any guests to a good meal. Serving starts at 5 p.m. and can be eaten at the Legion or bought as take out. Like many things, the cost has increased and the dinners will be $8.Laroy Farst American Legion Post 245 is picking up the pace of activities with the signaling of the fall season. A corn hole tournament of double elimin...

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Happy anniversary to Davisons

Happy 65th wedding anniversary to Dick and Carolyn Davison. Dick and Carolyn were married on Sept. 3, 1949, at the E.U.B. Church on East South Street in Arcanum. Dick and Carolyn are both Arcanum High School graduates (1944 and 1949 respectively) and have lived in Arcanum all of their married life in the house on Ivestor Lane that Dick built for them.Dick is retired from General Motors with 48 years of service and a short time in the Army. Carolyn has enjoyed music all of her life ...

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Parents reach 68-year milestone

My parents, Lee and Bea Moody, will be observing their 68th wedding anniversary on Friday.They met at the Darke County Fair and that relationship blossomed into what I would call one of the perfect marriages. But, I am prejudiced.I don’t know which year they met, but do know that their wedding day was Sept. 5, 1946. The most important thing is that they were my parents and gave me and my siblings...

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What time is it?

We can always tell when the first snow is coming. We don’t know the day or the hour, but as the temperature slowly descends, the leaves fall from the trees, the sun rises later and sets sooner, the afternoon breeze is no longer a comfort from the heat, but a deliverer of the cold air; we know that the time is ripe for that first snowflake to fall.This is a good example of how the Bible describes the return of Jesus Christ. We don’t know the day nor the hour, but we can ...

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Follow that dream

Wow! The past days have been so hot and humid for most of us. On these hot and steamy days … the treat of choice for many of us is ICE CREAM!!I can remember as a child, growing up in Ironton, Ohio, the thrill of hearing the melodic music of the ice cream truck coming down the street! I would run into my house and beg my mom for a dime … rush out the door and chase the ice cream truck through my neighborhood in order to get my favorite treat … a Dreamsicle! Remembe...

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It’s all connected

When I first heard of the Annie Moses Band, I was excited by the Darke County connection. Well, actually, no real connection exists, but, as most Darke countians are aware, Annie Oakley’s real name was Phoebe Ann Moses (or Mosey, or Mozee – as more history is unearthed, facts from the past can become murkier.) But in any case, the Annie Moses Band seemed like a great fit for Darke County Center for the Arts’ Artists Series, simply because the group’s name directly conn...

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School days and yesterdays

Some people believe summer is over when school starts back up, but those words are coming from those who are heading back to school.For those of us who work jobs that don’t allow a summer break we understand that summer doesn’t officially end until Sept. 21 and that there is still plenty of great weather ahead. Some of us in the working class even believe the fall season is the best time of the year and plan our vacation accordingly. But if we are weekend boaters, cotta...

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On and About Broadway - September

Sept. 1 - Labor Day, the last holiday of the summer. Enjoy the day! Be safe.The Greenville High School (GHS) class of 1953 will not meet this month for their monthly luncheon.Sept. 5 – First Friday will again have free Theater on Third. (Movie begins at dusk.) Bring your chair or blanket, and enjoy the movie. Stores are open from 6-9 p.m. Enjoy meeting friends for shopping, coffee, snacks, etc.

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Gloria serves up tasty carrots

How swiftly the summer days are passing! School is already starting this week. We enjoy living next door to our little parochial school. This year there will be 22 scholars and 2 teachers. Our 2 1/2-year-old daughter Julia loves to go outside and watch them play softball at recess time.Each morning during the academic year the men and boys in our church take turns going to school to share a brief devotional and have prayer with the teachers and scholars. Julia and I enjoy going wit...

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School is in session; fall is just around corner

Summer seemed to go more quickly this year, even quicker than most, for some reason. Maybe it seemed that way because the temperature was cooler than usual this year. It almost seems like we didn’t have a summer and now Labor Day is upon us.School has started and the kids are busy with homework and friends. It is another school year in progress.

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Lower natural gas prices benefit local governments

The services provided by local governments are very important to our communities and that is why we have spent considerable time in the legislature to reduce their costs of operations and provide them new ways to save tax dollars. In particular, the recent growth in Ohio’s gas industry has lowered natural gas prices for all Ohioans including the community and township halls in western Ohio.The positive effects of natural gas on households around the state and in western Ohio ...

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Fair of 1971 revisited

Several years ago we got an aquarium for Christmas. Then a few months later we got another aquarium. Then a few years later we got rid of both of them. I enjoyed having those aquariums, but I enjoyed not having them even more.Since then I have successfully avoided raising fish of any kind, until the Great Darke County Fair of 1971.Every year the children would throw ping pong balls at little goldfish bowls and miss. That was the one concession where I didn’t mind g...

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Run, Spot, run

The fair was over and school close on its heels. A new notebook, a couple of No. 2, yellow pencils, a new pad of lined paper. New, long, white sticks of chalk sat in the tray at the blackboards.We were ready for school, and school was ready for us.In those first years of school, we started the year with a big, fat, black pencil and paper that was more grey than white with fat lines to accommodate the fat pencil. Our desks were ages old. I remember sitting at a desk that actually ha...

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