Cheadle gets MonDay for burglary role

Clinton Randall

December 10, 2013

GREENVILLE - A local woman that was involved in an October Greenville burglary was sentenced to the MonDay Program Monday in the Darke County Common Pleas Court.

Katrina M. Cheadle, 22, of Greenville entered a guilty plea to Complicity to Burglary, a felony of the third degree. The state agreed to dismiss a Complicity to Theft charge as part of a plea bargain with the defendant. Cheadle also admitted to violating probation that she was on during the burglary offense.

Judge Jonathan P. Hein ordered Cheadle be held in the Darke County Jail until she is evaluated and accepted into the MonDay Program in Dayton, OH. If she refuses to comply with the order or does not successfully complete the program, she will face 24 months in prison. She is also order to complete 40 hours of community service.

Cheadle’s co-defendants in the case, Noah Smith and Stacey Best were also indicted Nov. 21 on similar charges by a Grand Jury.

“I may be time to chose different people to associate with,” Judge Hein told Cheadle. “You need to lose the losers!”

Local attorney Nicole L Pohlman represented Cheadle while Darke County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Deborah S. Quigley handled the case for the State of Ohio.