Versailles girls swim team wins double dual meet

Staff Report

December 18, 2013

VAN WERT — The Versailles High School girls swim team won a double dual meet in Van Wert on Tuesday.

Versailles defeated Van Wert with a score of 72-22, and Versailles defeated Coldwater with a score of 83-9.

Results for the Versailles girls are as follows:

200-meter medley relay: 1st place, Rachel Subler, Heather Albers, Abbey Marshal, and Hannah Wenig, 2:19.32; 3rd place, Emily Kramer, Murphy Grow, Caroline Prakel, and Gabrianna Mescher, 2:36.28

200-meter freestyle: 1st place, Lexi Fliehman, 2:18.95; 4th place, Breana Winner, 2:49.81

200-meter IM: 1st place, Amber Seibert, 2:37.85; 2nd place, Abbey Marshal, 2:43.86

50-meter freestyle: 1st place, Lexi Fliehman, 27.69; 2nd place, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 29.98; Hannah Wenig, 30.89; Heather Albers, 31.22; Murphy Grow, 33.09; Caroline Prakel, 34.31; Janelle Mangen, 34.41; Kori Oliver, 36.86; Taylor Stover, 37.76; Alyssa Barlage, 39.01; McKinzie Kruckeberg, 40.26; Sarah Gigandet, 41.18

100-meter butterfly: 1st place, Abbey Marshal, 1:17.01; 3rd place, Rachel Subler, 1:30.35

100-meter freestyle: 1st place, Amber Seibert, 1:08.46; 2nd place, Hannah Marshal, 1:09.37; Hannah Wenig, 1:09.40; Katelyn Platfoot, 1:15.62; Emily Kramer, 1:15.77; Emily Ruhenkamp, 1:16.49; Lauren Heitkamp, 1:16.95; Gabrianna Mescher, 1:17.06; Taylor Stover, 1:28.81; Shelby Winner, 1:30.26

400-meter freestyle: 1st place, Murphy Grow, 5:31.10; 3rd place, Breana Winner, 6:02.39

200-meter freestyle relay: 1st place, Amber Seibert, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Hannah Marshal, and Lexi Fliehman, 2:00.56; 2nd place, Rachel Subler, Heather Albers, Abbey Marshal, and Hannah Wenig, 2:06.23; Emily Kramer, Murphy Grow, Caroline Prakel, and Breana Winner, 2:16.89; Lauren Heitkamp, Katelyn Platfoot, Janelle Mangen, and Gabrianna Mescher, 2:19.04; Alyssa Barlage, Kori Oliver, Taylor Stover, and Emily Ruhenkamp, 2:29.23

100-meter backstroke: 1st place, Hannah Marshal, 1:15.30; 2nd place, Rachel Subler, 1:18.83; Emily Kramer, 1:27.25; Shelby Winner, 1:31.92; Janelle Mangen, 1:41.89; Alyssa Barlage, 1:48.82

100-meter breaststroke: 1st place, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 1:24.75; 2nd place, Heather Albers, 1:28.05; Caroline Prakel, 1:34.07; Katelyn Platfoot, 1:40.28; Emily Ruhenkamp, 1:40.87; Lauren Heitkamp, 1:45.33; McKinzie Kruckeberg, 1:56.21; Kori Oliver, 1:56.97

400-meter freestyle relay: 1st place, Lexi Fliehman, Hannah Marshal, Ashlyn Cordonnier, and Amber Seibert, 4:25.92; 3rd place: Lauren Heitkamp, Breana Winner, Janelle Mangen, and Gabrianna Mescher, 5:18.11

The girls are coached by Penny Cromwell, Travis Fliehman and Ed Ruhe. For the swimming schedule and updates throughout the season, visit the team’s website at http://www.versailles.k12.oh.us/athletics/schedules and click on the Swim tab.