Versailles boys swim team splits double dual meet

Staff Report

December 18, 2013

VAN WERT — The Versailles High School boys swim team split a double dual meet in Van Wert on Tuesday.

Versailles defeated Coldwater 63-26 but lost to Van Wert with a score of 44-50.

Results for the Versailles boys are as follows:

200-meter medley relay: 2nd place, Quincy Baltes, Jacob Rose, Harrison Detrick, and Tyler Rose, 2:21.21; 4th place, Cole Schlater, Mitchell Paulus, Zachary Heitkamp, and Mitchell Harshbarger, 2:49.60

200-meter freestyle: 2nd place, Andrew Kramer, 2:1502; 5th place, Jacob Rose, 2:53.70

200-meter IM: 1st place, Mitchell Stover, 2:11.19; 5th place, Harrison Detrick, 3:00.01

50-meter freestyle: 2nd place, Michael Marshal, 27.37; 6th place, Quincy Baltes, 32.05; Cole Schlater, 32.60; Mitchell Harshbarger, 32.64; Richie Ware, 32.79; John Marchal, 33.13; Zachary Heitkamp, 33.45

100-meter butterfly: 1st place, Michael Marshal, 1:19.32; 4th place, Harrison Detrick, 1:25.73

100-meter freestyle: 2nd place, Cole Albers, 59.79; Cole Schlater, 1:16.88; Mitchell Harshbarger, 1:17.71; Zachary Heitkamp, 1:18.95; Kyle Dapore, 1:20.83; Tyler Rose, 1:21.33; Richie Ware, 1:22.02; Mitchell Paulus, 1:22.24

400-meter freestyle: 3rd place, Quincy Baltes, 5:54.71

200-meter freestyle relay: 1st place, Mitchell Stover, Andrew Kramer, Cole Albers, and Michael Marshal, 1:47.26; 5th place, Quincy Baltes, Jacob Rose, Harrison Detrick, and Tyler Rose, 2:12.84; Kyle Dapore, John Marchal, Zachary Heitkamp, and Richie Ware, 2:14.52

100-meter backstroke: 1st place, Mitchell Stover, 59.96; 3rd place, Andrew Kramer, 1:12.79; Kyle Dapore, 1:51.24

100-meter breaststroke: 2nd place, Cole Albers, 1:17.40; 3rd place, Jacob Rose, 1:27.19; Tyler Rose, 1:32.39; Mitchell Paulus, 1:48.27

400-meter freestyle relay: 1st place, Michael Marshal, Andrew Kramer, Cole Albers, and Mitchell Stover, 3:59.88; 5th place, Richie Ware, Cole Schlater, Mitchell Paulus, and Kyle Dapore, 5:36.14

The boys are coached by Penny Cromwell, Travis Fliehman and Ed Ruhe. For the swimming schedule and updates throughout the season, visit the team’s website at http://www.versailles.k12.oh.us/athletics/schedules and click on the Swim tab.