Stewart Menke Memorial Park


January 22, 2014

Secret recipe of Maid Rite revealed over the past several weeks I have been asked by many people about the Stewart Menke Memorial Park behind the Maid Rite. On behalf of the Menke family I would like to publicly thank the Maid Rite family for such a tribute to Stewart.

Dad had done a lot of work for the Maher and Trimble families over many years and they developed more than a working relationship; one of genuine care and respect for each other. After dad passed away in October of 2011 we heard rumor that he was going to be honored, and we were so pleased and surprised when it became public this past fall.

Mom (Betty) first met Stewart there back in 1950. Although she passed away last spring, I have no doubt they are both very pleased together with this honor. Dad’s humbleness would be overwhelmed. Again, thank you Dave Trimble for your thoughtfulness and allowing the Stewart Menke name to become an institution in Greenville hand in hand with the landmark the Maid Rite has become. For everyone looking for the Maid Rite secret recipe for success, here it is: compassion and caring for your community.

Tom Menke