Photographer inspired to help aspiring models

By Heather Meade hmeade@civitasmedia.com

February 25, 2014

GREENVILLE - Tiffanie Mora, a young, local photographer is aspiring to inspire other young women to follow their dreams of modeling, she said.

“It’s actually part of who I am as a person, I suppose. I started Mora Photography’s Modeling Closet, I guess I’ve always had it but never gave it a label. I’ve been collecting dresses and dolling girls up since I was 18, maybe even before then. It’s just that now, I have a reason behind it, a way to help other people,” Mora commented.

Growing up in a family of six children, Mora understands what it’s like to wear hand-me-downs while having a dream of something more glamorous, she said.

“Mora Photography’s Modeling Closet is about making sure that these young girls don’t feel bad about themselves,” Mora explained. “I never got the chance to meet somebody special to make me over when I was an ugly little duckling, a little Greenville rat-girl, running around with a mullet haircut, mis-matched socks and high-water pants – my mom had six kids and we were ba-roke. So what I get to do, is put all my dreams into these girls each time that I get them in my studio and beautify them, and make them feel like a princess for one day, because every girl should get to feel like a princess at least once in her life; and why not do it for free?”

Mora gives local girls, ages 5 to 29, a chance to experience a photography shoot and feel like a model, she said. She accepts donations of dresses and accessories, but also scours the racks at local thrift shops, she said. Mora also invites hair and makeup artists to join her, getting their name out there, as well, she said.

Mora also uses her network of fashion professionals to help find her young, aspiring models some footing in the industry, she said. Each aspiring model gets a session with Mora, including hair, makeup and a donated dress and accessories, a disc with her photos, and a copyright release so that she can print those photos, Mora said, but it really is about more than the photos.

“The dresses that are donated will go to a girl who has never been made up, never felt like she has something out there – so dig inside and find that beauty, that’s what that dress is going to do. I don’t care what dress she’s in, whether she likes to wear a dress – each girl is going to feel like a million bucks,” Mora explained. “It changes your personality and you’re giddy and shy – but you want to be on that camera and see what you look like. I don’t care what shape, size, color you are – every girl wants to be in a dress.”

Mora Photography’s Modeling Closet is growing, Mora said, because of the generous donations from others; Mora said she tags donors in the finished photos on Facebook so that they can see how they’ve “paid it forward,” and see “where their love for that dress has taken it.”

To learn more about Mora Photography’s Modeling Closet, or to donate a dress or accessories, contact Tiffanie Mora through Facebook by searching Mora Photography.