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Shirley Dubbs

March 17, 2014

It was a joyous crowd of fans that cheered the victory of our Patriots at the Trent Field House in Kettering.

The next stop for the Tri-Village express is Columbus and the final four in state competition!

The final victory came with a resounding 62-44 score over Marion Local. It is a happy and supportive community buzzing about the opportunity to travel to Columbus for the red, white and blue.

Congratulations to Coach Josh Sagester and the Patriot players and cheerleaders. This is what makes small town USA special.

Also congratulations to the powerlifters at the high school. They placed at the state meet recently at Kenton High School. The top six girls and top six boys in each division earned medals and there were over 300 participating.

A tip of the hat to David McMamon, 5th place in his class; Seth Earles, 5th; Kathrynn Banis, 6th; Lauren Banis, 7th; Courtney Banis, 8th, Savannah Tate, 8th, Zach Clark, 8th; Wyatt Sleppy, 9th; Ashley Banis, 10th; Dillon Flatter, 13th; Nick Napier, 15th, Tanner Mote, 17th; Ethan Foster, 18th; Jared Colvin, 19th; Kirk Bradley, 20th, and Levi Black, 21st. Another strong Tri-Village representation.

If you are interested in the computer classes at the library, be sure and call 937-996-1741 to register. The first presentation will be on computer basics and is set for Monday, March 31, Then on Tuesday, April lst, the class will center on digital camera pictures being transferred to your computer and shared with others in your family and friendship circle. Finally a third class will feature facebook accounts and it is planned for Friday, April 11. All three of these classes are presented by the Department of Jobs and Family Services and will run from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

Also, Brenda Miller, director, passes along the message that shut ins can access books from the library. Just call and let a staff member know the need and books will be delivered.

Be sure to circle March 22 on your calendar and enjoy the spaghetti supper offered by the auxiliary at the American Legion. A homecooked sauce on freshly cooked pasta will be offered. Serving starts at 5 p.m.

March is moving along with blustery reminders that spring is still a little down the road and there are snow flurries thrown in as we turn our backs on a rough winter. But flowers are nudging through the ground in the relentless pursuit of Mother Nature’s sunshine and that is worth celebrating. So enjoy the victories of our youth and the prospects of nature’s conquest of winter drabness.

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