Teams travel more than 100 miles for horse pulls

By Gaylen Blosser

July 14, 2014

GREENVILLE – Teams of miniature and draft horses came from as far as 150 miles to compete in the 10th annual Farm Power of the past horse pulls.

“There are three teams from Darke County and a team from neighboring New Paris pulling today with a Darke County team from New Weston winning,” miniature horse track announcer Terry Marker of Versailles said.

“There are a lot of sponsors,” Marker said. “That really helps so these guys can get paid and make it worth their while to come and pull.”

Pete Keiser of New Weston took first place in the miniature horse pull with Ghost and Jack pulling the sled with a winning pull of 3,000 pounds.

Tom and Lexie Humbert of Muncie, Indiana, took second place in the miniature horse pull.

The draft house pull started with 4,000 pounds on the sled with two teams making it past the 9,500 pound pull.

Tom Humbert of Muncie, Indiana, took first place with his team of draft horses pulling the 10,000 sled the required distance.

“For no more than you make, its more less bragging rights is what it is,” Marker said.

Rich Montgomery of Parker City, Indiana, took the second place finish in the draft horse class.

“We had a good turn out,” Marker said. “The weather was good for us.”