Spring has sprung

Because of the South Main Street project, please make note that the annual Firehouse Pancake Breakfast and also the Lions’ Chicken Barbeque will be held this year at the Fieldhouse (old gym) during Old Fashioned Days. More details to come in a future column.

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Seeing the light

At first glance, the Anna Bier Gallery currently seems to be filled with stunning color photographs. The viewer quickly realizes however that the colorful, realistic pictures on the gallery walls are bold but nuanced paintings. Christopher Leeper, the 48-year-old creator of these charming works, says that as long as he can remember, he has been excited by landscapes, and feels a need to respond when confronted by a sublime subject. Leeper’s paintings, on display in the Gallery through A...

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Sisters - your first friend and your best friend

My parents had two daughters, myself and my younger sister, Sandra Dee.A lot of you will know our ages and my parent’s favorite actress from the name that my parents gave my sister.Sandy and I were born two and a half years apart, with me being the first born. Sandy was born on December 21st and our dad told me that she was my Christmas present. I was not humored as I had wanted a spring horse! I recommended that they give her back.

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Fracking involves more than drilling and disposal

It isn’t often that area residents have the opportunity to hear leading experts speak on the pollution caused by fracking and the fossil fuel industry.Three experts in the fields of drilling, health and environment are coming to Greenville from Michigan and New York and one of Ohio’s gas producing counties to tell local residents how the oil and gas industry is polluting wells, groundwater, farmland and putting our children, water, air, health and livelihoods at risk....

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Life is a garden…dig it

Life is filled with trials and tribulations. From my own personal observation I’m amazed at how well some people function given the significant challenges they face. It’s true everyone has a story and no one’s life is sunshine and roses every day. Nearly every smiling person I have recently come in contact with has been struggling. Yet they choose to remain optimistic and resilient despite their circumstances. In their wisdom they know they cannot control their present situa...

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What could possibly wrong?

Parents plan wonderful activities for their children – entertaining, enlightening experiences that will result in fun as well as growth in some important area of the child’s development. And then reality intervenes with those plans, chaos sometimes ensues, and what happens happens – often resulting in a good story as well as a lesson learned. Author Eileen Christelow wittily depicts such stories in a series of popular books relating adventures of five little monkeys who humo...

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Union City News Reel

The effects of alcohol that you may not know. Alcohol is a drug, and very addictive. Some say that it is a disease and can be passed on generation after generation through heredity. Regardless, if alcohol is drank often and in excess, in time it can take control of your life. Alcohol not only effects your life but everyone that you are in contact with. It effects your family, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren. It effects everyone who loves or depends on you. I...

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Our Michael moment

Krista and I just returned from our brief get-away (sans amigos), an overdue vacation in Tucson, Ariz. to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and visit some of Krista’s favorite spots from her tenure at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. We had hoped it would be fun, relaxing, quiet, and peaceful.It was all that and more.

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Enjoy the end of March – Lion or Lamb

Today is the end of March, but the weather has become a bit of a mixed bag lately. We have had a couple of days here and there with beautiful weather this month, but the cold temps and snow keep hanging onto our local forecast. Although we entered into Spring last week, the weather hasn’t quite caught up to the change of season yet. Don’t let the uncertainty of the forecast keep you from having fun. There are plenty of great places to go, fun things to do, and exciting activities ...

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