Davidson speaks out against vaccine mandates


GREENVILLE — Natural immunity and freedom is the driving force of stopping proposed COVID vaccine mandates according to a local congressman.

U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Troy) came to Darke County Monday to tour area facilities, but back in Washington D.C., he said he is fighting for health rights.

“I have a Vaccine Passport Prevention Act that is designed to stop people from mandating the vaccines,” Rep. Davidson said. “Or for you to not show your vaccination status as a condition of employment, service.”

He believes the way Dr. Fauci and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) are handling the pandemic is wrong. Davidson believes the issue stems from being in power for too long.

“I also got the Fired (Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal) Act which would fire Dr. Fauci,” Davidson said. “By putting a 12-year term limit on his position. He’s been there since 1984, so he’s been wrong a lot.”

Davidson said the government is trying to use fear and division over everything: masks versus unmasked, vaccinated versus unvaccinated, essential versus nonessential, and any other way you can think of dividing people.

“Look at healthcare. Historically healthcare is one of your most private pieces of data, and people should make their own decisions about whether they take the vaccine or not,” Davidson explained.

Davidson strongly believes people should be able to make their own decisions about whether to wear a mask or not. He also said people should not be compelled by others to wear masks, as it is a move in the wrong direction.

“You take care of your own health. The good news is the resources are there and there are a lot of options that weren’t always available,” Davidson said, “but the idea you’re going to compel everyone is a shift.”

Stating the effects of the vaccine have been very minimal for most people, Davidson is still leery about how much the vaccine is working towards people’s health.

“For most people the effects of the vaccine have been very minimal, but now that the Delta Variant is out, you can say it does not guarantee people won’t get COVID again,” Davidson said.

He added you are unlikely to become hospitalized from COVID after receiving the vaccine, but statistically it was not in the path of most people to begin with. This brings to light two components.

“One is a lot of the messaging out of Fauci and the CDC,” Davidson said, “has been the same risk has been there for everybody, and it is not the same risk for everybody.”

Davidson explained how the virus has been particularly bad for senior citizens and people with comorbidities — obesity in particular.

“It has always been the case that it is much lower risk for the vast majority based on age,” Davidson said. “The underlying health issues, comorbidities, creates a person-by-person case.”

He compared the health of a teen athlete who is health conscious to that of an 80 year-old woman with comorbidities, stating how COVID is going to be a bigger risk to the woman due to the underlying health issues.

“The second part is national immunity,” Davidson said. “If you have had the virus and recovered, you already have the immunization against the virus.”

You will have a synthetic variation of the vaccine when you have recovered whereas, you have the actual variant when you get the vaccine directly. Davidson credits the Cleveland Clinic, Washington University, Israel. He says they show natural immunity actually works. In other countries it isn’t even controversial. It is included in their data on vaccinations.

“I talked to a member of parliament from the United Kingdom and he said ‘Yeah we include that in our vaccination number because you can show you have the antibodies from having recovered,’” Davidson said. “As long as you can show that, you have credit of receiving the vaccine.”

Davidson’s FIRED Act and The Vaccine Passport Prevention Act are pieces of legislation he said he would like to enforce to protect the rights of Americans from government corruption in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For more information regarding legislation by Davidson, visit davidson.house.gov.

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