Bill passes Senate


COLUMBUS — State Sen. Bill Beagle, R–Tipp City, has announced the passage of legislation to designate the month of June as “Scleroderma Awareness Month.” The bill, sponsored by Sen. Beagle, passed the Senate with unanimous, bipartisan support.

“Scleroderma is a terrible, life threatening disease and it is important to continue to advocate for a cure,” Beagle said. “It is my hope that designating the month of June as “Scleroderma Awareness Month” will provide an opportunity for Ohioans learn more about the disease and the research potential treatments this awareness may promote.”

By designating June as “Scleroderma Awareness Month,” Beagle hopes to bring awareness and advocacy to the disease. The idea for the legislation came from a local group that raises awareness and promotes research so that others with the disease have more information about the disease and available treatment options.

The disease can affect the skin and connective tissue and cause a buildup of collagen that limits mobility. It can affect any part of the body and even cause death in some instances. There is currently no cure for the disease but treatments can help to manage symptoms.

The bill now goes to the Ohio House of Representatives for further consideration.

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