How can we survive the veto?



By now as many in Darke County and Ohio know, the Closure Commission was vetoed (taken out) of the FY 2016-17 Executive Budget. This Closure Commission was passed by House and Senate. It would give parents and guardians an opportunity to keep Montgomery Developmental Center and Youngstown Developmental Center open.

These centers house the most critical and vulnerable. Development of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) John Martin and his hand-picked collaborators have a push to get every Developmental Center closed and those residents can live in the community and work.

So, I ask the question, how can my son, who has an IQ of an 18-month-old, doesn’t talk, walk, has seizures, and a host of medical issues, survive this latest veto?

John Martin and Governor John Kasich shame on you.

Executive authority is more important than getting the correct numbers and information, you do what is expedient as politicians rather than what is right for the most vulnerable human beings. It’s no wonder that our nation has declined, there’s no one to pattern after anymore. People don’t realize that these centers take in people from Darke County and we have other residents there from this county, not just my son.

In appreciation,

Ora Davidson, parent and guardian

New Madison

By Ora Davidson

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