Student parking fees increased


GREENVILLE — Due to some concerned parents and students, Greenville High School has been working to educate on the school’s new student parking regulations.

The new rule was announced at the end of last school year and more effort has been made this school year to make sure students and parents are aware of the change.

Students who park their vehicle at the high school parking lots are required to purchase a parking pass at a one-time cost of $25. The parking pass is valid for the entire 2015-2016 school year.

Though this represents an increase over the previous $3 parking fee, GHS Principal Jeff Cassell said, “All money raised from the passes will go toward maintenance of the school’s parking lots and driveways. It’s ultimately a long-term benefit for student drivers as the fees will help keep the lots in good shape, making it better on their vehicles.”

Cassell said the school is providing a grace period, until Friday, Sept. 11, for those students who have yet to purchase a parking pass.

“We want to be flexible with students, who may not have been informed about it, or those needing to wait until next Friday to pay for the fees out of their paychecks,” he said.

Cassell added that staff will be available to answer questions at the high school’s open house, to be held 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evening.

For further information on student parking or other concerns, call the high school at 937-548-4188.

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