Sweet and Sassy: Lordy, Lordy, he’s turning 40

Wow! I’m starting my fourth and final vacation of the year, and this week is going to be a busy one.

You see, 40 years ago today I was expecting my first child. The baby, at the time I didn’t know what sex but hoping for a boy, was due Oct. 3, but lo and behold, Mother Nature and the Lord above had different plans.

I worked at the newspaper office up until Oct. 17, and had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. It was then that my obstetrician, Dr. Park, told me he was going to admit me to the hospital the next day and induce labor. Finally, I thought….

So, with Mom by my side, I went to the hospital and got prepped for what I thought was going to be an easy fix. The labor was subsequently induced and I was starting to feel the pain, but as time went on that evening that person inside of me apparently didn’t want to leave that “comfort zone” yet.

So, they stopped the inducing method, whatever it would be called, and I was to settle in for the night, but I do remember having to use the bed pan a lot. Apparently, my “water broke” sometime, but still I felt nothing until the next morning. X-rays were taken and the child, it was noted, was upside down swallowing mucous.

So, I am imagining the obstetrician [and he was a nice doctor] was panicking, just as I was when I was informed what was going on. It was decided I would have a Cesarean section. What? I have never had surgery in my life. Why couldn’t I just have a baby the normal way…but no, not me.

Anyway, I guess I was better off having the baby [by the way, it was a boy….yippee] C-Section instead of having to go through labor pains. But, the pains after the surgery were probably just as bad if not worse. So, who is the winner here?

I am. I became a mother to Jamie David Moody at 10:20 a.m. that Sunday morning. Oct. 19, 1975. Why didn’t they just put on the birth certificate he was born at 10:19 a.m. on 10-19?

It was tough being a single parent, but I survived and so has he. Sure, there have been a few health obstacles for both of us but we’re persevering.

I wouldn’t change my situation for anything else in the world. He’s my mainstay, my rock, my go-to guy, my “partner in crime,” my reason for living. He has been our family and friends’ Walking TV Guide over the years. He loves country music, wrestling, singing, reading, writing and most of all, people.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live without him.

Because he has always celebrated his birthday in one way or another, I decided to make this year’s a special one. I am having a birthday party for him from 4 to 6 p.m. Oct. 18 at the Ansonia American Legion, just prior to karaoke, which he will probably stay for because he loves it too.

We are not handing out written invitations, but extend one to anyone who wants to stop by and visit with him. Gifts are not expected.

If you know Jamie, you know he loves people and just being around them is all he would want. I’m sure, he will be the life of his own party…and I’ll cry if I want to because I can’t be “this darned old.”

There will be enough refreshments hopefully, unless all of Darke County shows up. And if that happens, we will welcome guests with open arms. Because I will love whoever loves Jamie.

I feel he is the “Angel Among Us.” But then, I’m prejudice. I’m a mom. I have that right. See you there!

Oh, I forgot to mention, Thomson, our newspaper publishing company at the time, decided to move to another location from further down the street from where it is now on South Broadway to the corner of West Main and Sycamore the day after Jamie was born. I don’t know if they did that on purpose, but I found them after I came off maternity leave five or six weeks later. And, the rest is history.


Don’t forget:

• Raffle tickets for the Veteran’s Day bean supper at the Ansonia American Legion on Nov. 11 are still available.

• Any veteran in the area is welcome to participate in the Veteran’s Day Parade in Greenville on Nov. 11. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter 57 Commander Robert Foster said the participants will be leaving Greenville Public Library a little before 11 and march to the courthouse on South Broadway, stopping in front of the clock. Other features of the event will be a prayer, introductions, a 21-gun salute at 11:11 a.m., presentation of a wreath, and the playing of the National Anthem by the high school band. The combined color guard of the DAV, Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion will also be in attendance.


Happy birthday:

• Oct. 14 to Steve Hall, Heather Bergman, Lisa Doyle and George Fanning,

• Oct. 15 to Rodney Hiestand, Stacy Lee Moody (40), Ryan Moody, June Singer, Nadine Cornett, Ed Erisman, Bob N. Jones of Ansonia and Abby Cutright.

• Oct. 16 to Albert Gasper, Rep. Jim Zehringer, Staranna Mikesell (9), Mike Nisonger and Ted Stachler.

• Oct. 17 to Amy Stewart Craiger, Chris Cox, Frank Macias, Dennis Temple, Lynetta Lore, Corinna Mullens, Logan Daugherty, Bob Petitjean, twins Dale Marker and Doris Neff, and Benny Fitzgerald.

• Oct. 18 to Bobby Joe Jones, Dwight “Bufford” Edwards (60), Ron Bonfiglio, Heather Brown, Lindsey Preston, Kent Moneysmith, Kanon Burton, Dawn Zumbrink-Muhlenkamp and Susan Mills.

• Oct. 19 to Jamie David Moody (40 and one of the few things I ever got to name), Dee Morris, JoAnn Keen, Laura Gibboney, Judy Hoffman, Diane Amstrong, Marv Stammen, Dustin Jenkins, Marjorie Hammaker, Tina Rismiller Schmitz, Jerry Batten Sr., Jared Batten (17), Tracy Bashore, Ron Rismiller, Debra Hildebrand Rammel, Dr. Aamir Malik, David DeMaio and Kassie Wentworth (15).

• Oct. 20 to Fred Curry, Marilyn Peterson, Irma Stewart, Michelle Leugers, Enicks, Jerry Koverman, Rita Hupman McCans, Chelsea Gates, Gene Schlechty, Cris Brown, Stacy Mortensen, Dean Hurd and Amber Mangen.

Happy anniversary to: Mark and Chelsea Gates on Oct. 15; Tom and Connie Brumbaugh on Oct. 16; Linda and Dick Yount and Rick and Lynne Gump, all on Oct. 19; and Bob and Sarah Daugherty on Oct. 20.


Don’t forget to pray for: Stacy Dorko, Jim Marker, Mary Martin, Rusty Wilson, Gloria Keller-Brinley, Lee Moody (our father), Linda Johnston, Ron Kreitzer, Pappy Harshman, Gerald Rhoades, Chris Young, Debbie Edwards, Harold Rismiller, Rick Jones, Linda Johnston, Albert Duncan, Delores Duncan, Ansonia Police Chief Frank Shapiro, Randy Heck, John Klipstine, Greg Moody, Elsie Svajda, Dave Sherman, Sue Chitty, Phil Chilcoat, Christine Pipenger, Paul Barton, Terry Ungericht, Gracyn Blackburn, Jim Moody, Lowell Arnold, Joe and Wanda Bailey, Mel Grile, Robert Codling, Kohen Thwaits, Kenny Dunevant, J.C. and D’Arleen Waymire, Deanna Jones, William DeBord, Dave Starline, Bob Hiestand Jr., Kathy and Tom Hamilton, Joanne Sharp, Larry Bemis, Ivan Miller, Cindy Elson, Cary Van De Grift, Dina Dancer Morris, Teresa Mayo Hammons, Jim Crotcher, Tina Kiser Deaton, Alvera Schmitz, Jerrod Pratt, Vicky Henderson, Julia Frey, Tonia Thompson, Fred Monnin, Thelma Shade, Bob Coppock, Stephen “Brownie” Brown.

Also, Nate Epperson, Brad Pipenger, Faye Schlecty, Michelle Sparks Reed, Bill Beasley, Steve Cunningham, Kody Ketring, Bob and Sandy Finkbine, Kevin Dickey, Joe Martin, Tracy Bailey, Brenda Grimes, Margaret “Peg” Bundy, Kevin Hemmerich, Ray Dickey Jr., Penny Starns, Tim Heck, Vanna (Hannam) Abbott, Suzy Heck Schilling, Addie Henderson, Barb Morrow Zimmerman, Samantha Smith, Shannon Peters Hall, Todd Walls, Ron Kramer, Melissa “Missy” Helmer, Susie Gress of Nebraska, Dana Holzapfel, Kara Didier, Carla Welch, Bill Schuette and to all those others who suffer from the many debilitating diseases. And, God bless all of our military people serving and protecting this nation.


Son Jamie and I express our sincere condolences to the families of: Barbara Farmer and June Hutchinson.


Think about it: “The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest and the first to forget is the happiest.” — Unknown


By Linda Moody

Linda Moody is a staff writer for The Daily Advocate. Her column appears every Sunday. She can be reached at [email protected]