Arcanum’s Daniel O’Donnell earns top CCC football honor

DARKE COUNTY – Arcanum senior Daniel O’Donnell was named the Cross County Conference back of the year by the league for the 2015 football season.

O’Donnell was Arcanum’s starting quarterback and led the Trojans with 1,234 rushing yards on 139 carries for an average of 8.9 yards per carry. He also ran for 15 touchdowns. The senior completed 25 passes for 295 yards and six touchdowns. He also punted, returned punts and made 39 tackles on defense.

Along with O’Donnell, three other Darke County athletes also were named first team all-CCC for the 2015 football season. Ansonia’s Nick Buckingham, Arcanum’s Brandon Kinney and Mississinawa Valley’s Dalton Geesy each earned first team all-conference honors.

Ansonia’s Dane Wentworth, Arcanum’s Cambell Gostomsky and Mississinawa Valley’s Nate Rammel all earned second team all-CCC honors.

Ansonia’s Ross Shook, Ansonia’s Max Wardrip, Arcanum’s Austin Baker, Arcanum’s Hunter Saunders, Mississinawa Valley’s JJ Howard and Mississinawa Valley’s Tyler Jenkinson each made the CCC’s special mention team.

Twin Valley South’s Aaron Deaton was named the CCC lineman of the year, earning top honors with O’Donnell.

Covington’s David Miller and Miami East’s Max Current shared the conference’s coach of the year honors.

Covington and Miami East were CCC co-champions as they both finished 7-1. Tri-County North finished third in the league with a 6-2 record, Twin Valley South finished fourth at 5-3, and Arcanum and Bethel tied for fifth at 4-4. National Trail finished seventh with a 2-6 record, Ansonia was eighth with a 1-7 record, and Mississinawa Valley was ninth at 0-8.

All-CCC football

First team

Nick Buckingham, Ansonia

Brandon Kinney, Arcanum

Daniel O’Donnell, Arcanum

Jacob Evans, Bethel

Josh Wills, Bethel

Zach Barnes, Covington

Ben Kuether, Covington

Brandon Magee, Covington

Coleman Ryan, Covington

Jared Williams, Covington

Kurt Brower, Miami East

Braxton Donaldson, Miami East

Ben Ferguson, Miami East

Caden Hellyer, Miami East

Michael Werling, Miami East

Dalton Geesy, Mississinawa Valley

Tyler Glander, National Trail

Ben Sullivan, National Trail

Tanner Booth, Tri-County North

Logan Elmore, Tri-County North

Lane Gunder, Tri-County North

Garrett Woodyard, Tri-County North

Aaron Deaton, Twin Valley South

JJ Utz, Twin Valley South

Back of the year: Daniel O’Donnell, Arcanum

Lineman of the year: Aaron Deaton, Twin Valley South

Coaches of the year: David Miller, Covington, and Max Current, Miami East

Second team

Dane Wentworth, Ansonia

Cambell Gostomsky, Arcanum

Hunter Shellay, Bethel

Logan Fields, Covington

Deron White, Covington

Aaron Adams, Miami East

Logan May, Miami East

Nate Rammel, Mississinawa Valley

Michael Bane, National Trail

Colton Scott, Tri-County North

Chad Ehler, Twin Valley South

Special mention team

Ross Shook, Ansonia

Max Wardrip, Ansonia

Austin Baker, Arcanum

Hunter Saunders, Arcanum

Tyler Massengale, Bethel

Nathan Blei, Covington

Lance Miller, Covington

Daniel Everett, Miami East

Kyle Maggert, Miami East

JJ Howard, Mississinawa Valley

Tyler Jenkinson, Mississinawa Valley

Trey Mann, National Trail

Michael Ray, National Trail

Jordan Overcash, Tri-County North

Gavin Overholtz, Tri-County North

Jacob Bassler, Twin Valley South

Sammy Shockey, Twin Valley South





Arcanum quarterback Daniel O’Donnell carries the ball during a football game against Ansonia. The Arcanum senior was named the 2015 Cross County Conference back of the year. quarterback Daniel O’Donnell carries the ball during a football game against Ansonia. The Arcanum senior was named the 2015 Cross County Conference back of the year. Dale Barger|For The Daily Advocate

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