The Focus:It’s all about Jesus

There have been times when I’ve noticed in my own life and in the lives of other Christians – that we tend to lose our focus and purpose. We get so wrapped up in church activities, events, programs, committees, etc.; we get so used to our own circle of friends; we get very comfortable and we begin to say … “Well, this is the way we’ve always done it!” -or- “I want my way!” The result: our focus begins to get blurred and our purpose becomes hazy.

Serving Jesus and introducing as many folks as we can into a personal, intimate relationship with Him … this is our focus! This is our purpose!

And we must do whatever it takes to reach our community and our world with the Good News of a loving, gracious, forgiving, compassionate Savior!

It’s not about which translation of the Bible to use!

It’s not about what songs we sing in the worship service!

It’s not about whether a prayer is given before or after the offering!


Whatever it takes to point this confused and hurting culture to the open arms of Jesus Christ!

You may have heard this story before, but it’s worth repeating … There was a college student who was a brand-new Christian. One Sunday he visited a church near the college campus. He strolled in wearing flip-flops, tattered jeans, t-shirt and sporting several tattoos. The service had already started … so he walked down the center aisle looking for a seat … but no one scooted over to make room for him or welcome him. So, finding no where to sit – – he sat down cross-legged on the floor – – right in front of the pulpit!

The congregation became noticeably uneasy. Then, from the back of the church, an elderly gentleman, a long-time church member, got up and with his cane slowly made his way to the front of the sanctuary. Every eye followed him. The pastor paused in his sermon and there was total silence. As the old gentleman approached the college student, he dropped his cane and with great effort … lowered himself and sat down beside him on the floor so the young man wouldn’t have to worship alone.

WOW! What a sweet story!

Do you recall the words of the apostle Paul where he tells us that “Christ, being equal with God, set aside His reputation, and became obedient unto death” – – the ultimate act of humility and service.

Why? So that He could come to us in our loneliness, to forgive our sins, and to teach us a way to live and worship.

When we learn to think as Jesus did … we just might see people through the same eyes as that godly, mature Christian man.

May each of us learn to ‘lower ourselves’ for the benefit of others.

Why? So that they will see Christ!!

By Dennis Wheeleer

Dennis Wheeler is a volunteer citizen columnist, who serves The Daily Advocate readers weekly with his weekly column The Focus. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.