Flooding eases, rain continues


DARKE COUNTY – Despite the continuing rain on Monday, road conditions actually improved over Sunday in Darke County.

Heavy rainfall on Sunday through the evening led to several road closures in Darke County, but the Darke County Highway Department confirmed that water levels had fallen by Monday afternoon to the point that all of the closures had ended.

“It’s a better situation than yesterday,” said Max Guillozet, assistant superintendent at the highway department, on Monday afternoon.

Guillozet said crews were sent out “in all four directions” to assess the water levels, pick up signs for road closures and put out signs if needed anywhere. As the crews reported back in at the garage, everything appeared to be clearing up.

“There was a little water running across Palestine-Union City, which is where we had the closure (Sunday), but it was very, very minimal,” Guillozet said. “There was a little water on Arnold Road.”

The highway workers found a few washouts along berms in the county, but those had all been repaired by Monday afternoon.

“We had guys out putting gravel down,” Guillozet said.

More heavy rain was in the forecast for Monday evening, and the National Weather Service had a flood watch in effect until 4 a.m. on Tuesday, as of Monday afternoon. The flood watches and warnings were in effect for nearly the entire western half of Ohio.

Of greater concern as the evening approached was a drop in temperature.

“It’s been hovering just above freezing,” said County Engineer Jim Surber on Monday afternoon. “I’m more worried that the temperature will drop and all this will freeze.”

The National Weather Service forecast called for a 100 percent chance of rain on Monday night, but the temperature was expected to remain above freezing overnight.

By Rachel Lloyd

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