Buchy supports Derickson


To the editor:

In 1982, a handful of what would become life-long friends stepped out on a limb to support me in a primary for State Representative. Today, I am encouraging conservative Republicans to voice their support for Tim Derickson to be our next Congressman.

I first met Tim Derickson in 1983. A farmer and small business owner, Tim has a keen sense for good government and made a stand-out township trustee. He was eventually elected State Representative where I was able to work with him in the statehouse. He is a leader in Columbus and will be an important voice in Washington, as he lives out his faith and fights for a better agricultural and business climate.

Tim Derickson has successfully led the Ohio House to renew a focus on strong families and protect our values by taking the lead to strengthen our border and ensure safety for those in our country. He managed his family dairy farm for many years and he knows agricultural issues and understands how decisions in Washington impact our family farms. He understands the impacts of regulations on agriculture and small businesses and will work to keep our trips to the grocery store affordable. Most of all he is a patriot who will defend our freedom.

I feel confident that Tim Derickson’s approach will strengthen our local county parties and I know he will be effective in Congress. Please consider joining me by taking a stand in favor of Tim Derickson for Congress.

Rep. Jim Buchy

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