We have not forgotten


I read with interest Linda Moody’s article about the Rev. Dr. Carrol Pahl, in the January 24th edition of the Daily Advocate and wanted to share a story about Rev. Pahl.

The article stated he is now 83, so it was 33 years ago, shortly after my wife Brenda and I were first married and had nothing financially, we purchased a mobile home from Rev. Pahl. It was our first home and, because we had no money, Mr. Pahl, whom we did not know previously, financed it for us and we made payments to him on a monthly basis.

We were extremely grateful for his thoughtfulness which allowed us to purchase the mobile home and we loved living in it as newlyweds. As I remember it, we made payments for about a year and still had maybe three or four years to pay it off. Then we received a letter from Mr. Pahl stating, and I remember it like it was yesterday, because he had turned fifty years of age he was celebrating his “Jubilee” year of life and he was fortunate enough to owe no one and he wanted no one owing him. With that letter he said our debt was cleared and we owed him nothing more. We were overjoyed and could not believe someone would make a gesture such as Rev. Pahl did. At that point in our lives it was a huge financial burden lifted and we still cannot thank him enough.

We had lost track of Mr. Pahl and, when I read the article and showed it to Brenda, we were not at all surprised to read he does not sell his writings, he instead gives them away and, as stated in the article, has the belief “freely you have received, freely give.’” I can tell you this has been his outlook for over 30 years and he is obviously an extraordinary special person with deep convictions. Dr. Pahl, thank you for your kindness, we have not forgotten.

Rodd Hale


By Rodd Hale