Local mission team back from Guatemala

GREENVILLE — Destination Known, the mission ministry of EUM Church in Greenville, recently returned from two back-to-back mission trips to Guatemala. This is EUM’s 11th year partnering with Potter’s House Association who has been investing in serving at risk children and youth for 30 years.

Over the years, EUM mission teams have been blessed with the opportunity to build 14 sturdy, safe homes for families that live in one of the 16 shanty communities surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump. This dump is the size of 22 American football fields and is the largest dump in Central America. During the first week, Jan. 30 – Feb. 6, a team built two additional homes for families living in the dump.

The second team, serving Feb. 6-13, consisted of medical professionals including a doctor, nurses, EMTs, a flight nurse and even a nursing student. This week was spent providing medical care to the people living in the Guatemala City dump and to a community called Chiquimula – which is over three hours outside the city. Chiquimula is a small community that has a smaller garbage dump where approximately one hundred people work and live. The families living in the dump have no resources, and most often their medical needs go unattended. A clinic was also made available at the local police department to care for the local police and the Guatemala swat team.

Many people, young and old alike, are seen walking around the garbage dumps with no shoes. Their feet are badly damaged from the litter of their surroundings. Another noticeable trait is many children’s hair turn a dark reddish color. This is caused by extreme malnutrition. These children are starving as they compete with the dogs and vultures for food found in the dump.

Both teams were able to participate in prayer visits with some of the families. Team members spent time getting to know the family, offered prayer for their needs, and talked about their relationship with Jesus. Each family visited was also given a bag of food. The mission teams are able to provide much in the way of physical needs – homes, food, medical care – but none are more important than sharing the love of Jesus with the people in the dump communities.

“Being part of such a great ministry not only affects the people that are served, but it also changes the lives of team members that go on the trips,” a spokesperson said. “If you have felt God nudging you to go on a mission trip, don’t wait… it will change your life forever! For more information contact Cliff Rapier, missions coordinator, EUM Church, 111 Devor St., Greenville, Ohio 45331, [email protected], or 937-548-3211 ext. 212.




Staff report

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