Versailles News: Easter’s gift of forgiveness

Easter is this Sunday, but we must get through Good Friday and Holy Saturday before the glorious celebration of Easter. Good Friday can be summed up with a myriad of idioms; such as, “it’s always darkest before the dawn,” “all is not lost,” “it’s not over until it’s over and “there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

I realize I’m trying to write about something far above my understanding, but I’m mentioning these clichés as encouragement for us to reflect on what transpired during Holy Week. Often we only see the injustice in the crucifixion, never blaming ourselves, even though we have been told Christ died for us. Perhaps we believe we would have handled things differently, even though all was done in fulfillment of the scriptures, rather than to rewrite scriptures.

Do we put much thought into extending His forgiveness to others? Forgiveness is powerful and necessary for one’s health; emotionally and physically as well as spiritually. Forgiveness is the remedy for anger and resentment, while unforgiveness adversely affects our relationships and our health. Most often unforgiveness stems from someone behaving differently than we expected. We hold a grudge because our confidence was betrayed or because we were excluded, attacked or abandoned by someone close to us and to make matters worse it often occurs at the time of our greatest need. Sound familiar?

But once we realize people are not obligated to behave as “we think they should” we can begin to release our old patterns of unforgiveness. We must allow friends and family the freedom to conduct themselves as they chose, knowledgeable that their ways are not necessarily our ways. Sometimes their words and/or actions can hurt us, but for our own well-being we can chose to forgive them. We also can choose whether to mend bruised relationships or make new ones. We do not always have to stay in an abusive or unjust relationship but we are called to forgive. Forgiveness is not always easy. At times it feels more painful, than the hurt we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy Easter!

Upcoming events:

Tonight, the Versailles Vet’s Club, 106 S. Center St., is offering a smelt dinner, which includes cheesy au gratin potatoes, cole slaw and bread/butter for $7.50. They will be serving from 4-7 with drive-thru and carry-outs available.

Saturday there will be an Easter Egg Hunt at Heritage Park for the kiddies beginning at 2 p.m. If the park is too wet it will be moved to St. Denis Church parking lot. The event is sponsored and conducted by members of the Versailles Vets Club. Questions can be directed to Jerry Bey at 937-621-0363.

March, 31 the Versailles first-grade students present their musical “Critter Capers” at 7 p.m. in the school cafetorium. The public is invited.

Consider attending the NO FOOLIN’ Zumbathon Charity Event, next Friday at the Versailles YMCA starting 6:30 p.m. This event begins with 50 minutes of Zumba with all the local instructors, including Ann, Carolyn, Dee, Tony, Lynn, Sharon to name a few. Then they take it into the pool for Aqua Zumba. Register at the Y or online. There is a $10 minimum donation for the event.

Congratulations to Cyril Frantz who recently received an award from the French Foreign Legion for his service during WWII and Sam Prakel for placing fourth in the nation in the one-mile indoor run. Good luck in the upcoming outdoor track season and qualifying for the Olympics.

Happy birthday to Tessa Fine, Marla Spencer, Charlotte Rhoades, Grant Flory, Debbie Shively, Linda Wilson, Bessie Barga, Mike Shively, Jim Youngker, Joan DeMange, Missy Francis, Linda Brand, Myrna Gigandet, Laura Armock, Paula Moody, Kim Hecht, Bev Boerger, Larry Monnin, Billie Joe Gasquez, Diane Magoto, Julie Mangen, Matt Heffner, Kathy Voisard, Amy Elifritz, Shirley Magoteaux, Jeff Lyme, Julie Schmitmeyer, Sandy DeLaet, Gary Curtis, Colton Platfoot and Yvonne Ridenour. Wishing a happy anniversary to Kasey and Doug Christian (21), and Evelyn and Arthur Curtis (66)!

Healing prayers and get well wishes for Ray Francis, Kenny Stachler (bypass surgery), Linda Wilson, Sam Yagle, Dave Zumberger, Lois Youngker, Brian Voisard, Megan Knapke, Lester Bernholt, Joan Butler, Cyril Frantz, Norma Magoto, Marvin Godwin, Dave Francis, Ann Paulus Pedersen, Joe Bailey, Harry Gorrell, Dan Monnin, John Davis, Carl Drees, Dave Magoto, Bob Homan, Eileen Rahm, Merilyn Borchers, Yvonne Ridenour, Cyril Voisard, Wayne Pittsenbarger, Jim Youngker, Isabella Yakos, Barb and Jon Agne, Samantha Smith, Michelle Ullom, the hospitalized, homebound and all those dealing with any of life’s many challenges who are in need of our prayers but not mentioned by name. Thanks to the prayer-medics, caregivers, volunteers, medical staff, and those that visit, send flowers or cards to those in need of positive support.

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Jack Munn (80), Bernadine Wendel (88), Iris Nickol (89), and Joe Kenworthy (93), also remembering the lives of Virginia Gilmore, Norma Barga, Earl Baltes, Bob Guillozet, Edith Brandt, Dorothy Henry, Kenny Subler, Loretta Stammen, Sam Grabeman and all those held within our hearts, but not mentioned by name, as the anniversary of their passing nears.

“He who cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass.” ~Confucious

“The weak cannot forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love.” ~Bryant McGill

By Kathy Magoto

Versailles News

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