Versailles report card shows solid grades

VERSAILLES – The state report card for Versailles Exempted Village School District indicated some pretty solid achievement by the school and its students, even during a period when other schools’ grades were severely falling off.

The district earned an A and a B in the Achievement category, and scored an overall A for Progress.

“Versailles Schools has a long history of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular accomplishments,” said Superintendent Aaron Moran. “This year’s report overall continues the positive direction of the district.”

There were still some areas that scored lower than expected, such as Progress for students with disabilities, Gap Closing and K-3 Literacy.

“There are some areas reported that are different from previous years that we are investigating for improvement,” Moran said.

Applying and measuring that improvement will not necessarily be easy, however.

“Being that the tests reported on the report card will not be used again, and the results are almost a year old, it will be somewhat difficult to understand and apply the scores to improve our instructional practices for student learning.”

The report cards are still valid, however, as an indicator of student and school performance.

“The annual report card is a piece of information for the district,” Moran said. “Our goal is to always do what is best for each student. If we do this, the results of test scores and the report card will remain strong.”

Some districts reported problems encountered with the online-form tests last year, but Versailles did not have any technical issues with that.

“With the collaboration of counselor/testing coordinators Hollie Ahrens and Michelle Hartings, Technology Coordinator Mike Goubeaux, our teachers and principals, testing went very well, even though last year was the first year of state testing being on the computers,” Moran said.

A school’s performance is always going to be reflected more in its day-to-day actions than in a single report card from a few days’ testing. And a school’s performance is a result of the efforts put it by not only the students and teachers, but also the parents and whole community.”

“I am very proud of the daily work of our students and teachers,” Moran said. “Versailles EVSD is very appreciative of the support from parents and the community. Their support is a tremendous resource. By working together, the district will continue to always meet the needs of each student for their success.”

Some highlights of the Versailles Exempted Village School District state report card are as follows:

• Achievement: Performance Index (how many passed the test?), 82.3 percent, B; Indicators Met (how did they do on the test?), 96.9 percent, A;

• Progress: Overall, A; Gifted, A; Students with Disabilities, D; Lowest 20 percent in Achievement, C;

• Gap Closing: 73.3 percent, C;

• K-3 Literacy Improvement: 59.2 percent, C.

Indicators met, under Achievement, were as follows:

• Third grade: mathematics, 75.7 percent; reading, 95 percent;

• Fourth grade: mathematics, 88.8 percent; reading, 80 percent; social studies, 91 percent;

• Fifth grade: mathematics, 89 percent; reading, 85.6 percent; science, 89 percent;

• Sixth grade: mathematics, 90.6 percent; reading, 88 percent; social studies, 78.1 percent;

• Seventh grade: mathematics, 90.3 percent; reading, 89.7 percent;

• Eighth grade: mathematics, 77.3 percent; reading, 90.3 percent; science, 93.8 percent;

• Ohio Graduation Test, 10th graders: mathematics, 96.5 percent; reading, 97.4 percent; science, 96.5 percent; social studies, 96.5 percent; writing, 96.5 percent;

• OGT, 11th graders: mathematics, 100 percent; reading, 100 percent; science, 96.2 percent; social studies, 99.1 percent; writing, 100 percent.

By Rachel Lloyd

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