Little Miss contest set Friday


VERSAILLES — Versailles will be holding its annual Versailles Poultry Days festival June 10-12, and with it comes the 32nd annual Little Miss Poultry Days competition.

The theme this year is “A Salute to the American Farmer.”

The contest will be held Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the old High School gymnasium. Contest is limited to 30 participants for girls between the ages of 4-6.

Contestants will be judged on 1) Attire: Originality of design and appropriate to poultry/theme 50percent, 2) Personality, poise and ability to speak 50 percent.

Little Miss Poultry Days 2016 will receive her crown along with a cash prize of $100; first runner-up, $75; and second runner-Up $50. The court will also receive a trophy, sash and a Nelly Pack (Nelly packs are donated by Theresa Nelson, Nelly Packs). Each participant will receive a flower (donated by Mary Goettemoeller, Total Image), trophy and the opportunity to ride in the Poultry Day parade on Saturday morning at 11.

2016 Little Miss Poultry Days contestants are:

• Lauryn Dickey, 5, daughter of Kris and Michelle Dickey, Bradford.

• Sophia Gerling, 6, daughter of Brian and Renee Gerling, Yorkshire.

• Lilly Michael, 4, daughter of Desmond and Amy Michael, Versailles.

• Kenley Phlipot, 5, daughter of Bradley and Mallory Phlipot, Bradford.

• Stella Bergman, 4, daughter of Aaron and Susan Bergman, Versailles.

• Reagan Raterman, 5, daughter of Joe and Andrea Raterman, Versailles.

• Lydia Ward, 6, daughter of Scott and Kim Ward, Versailles.

• Kyra Bergman, 6, daughter of Chris and Tiffany Bergman, North Star.

• Naomi Rahm, 4, daughter of Al and Melissa Rahm, Versailles.

• Maggie DeLand, 6, daughter of Tim and Katie DeLand, North Star.

• Audrey Ward, 4, daughter of Scott and Kim Ward, Versailles.

• Quinn Parin, 4, daughter of Tony and Jennifer Parin, Bradford.

• Brooke Kaiser, 6, daughter of Kurt and Nicci Kaiser, North Star.

• Lillian Selhorst, 6, daughter of Kevin and Sarah Selhorst, Yorkshire.

• Camille Koopman, 4, daughter of Bradley and Joyce Koopman, Versailles.

• Emma Selhorst, 4, daughter of Kevin and Sarah Selhorst, Yorkshire.

• Bailey Wynk, 4, daughter of Cody and Jaci Wynk, Versailles.

• Gwendolyn Schneible, 5, daughter of Danny and Michele Schneible of Houston.

• Elizabeth Ruhenkamp, 5, daughter of Steve and Angie Ruhenkamp, North Star.

• Skylyn Bradley, 6, daughter of Daniel Bradley and Tesha Rutter, Versailles.

• Elizabeth Mader, 5, daughter of Nicole Mader, Versailles.

• Rowan Schmitmeyer, 6, daughter of John and Megan Schmitmeyer, Versailles.

• Aleara Bradley, 4, daughter of Daniel Bradley and Tesha Rutter, Versailles.

• Brooke Bruns, 4, daughter of Josh and Becky Bruns, Yorkshire.

• Ragan Saylor, 6, daughter of Jon and Holli Saylor, Sidney.

• Nadia Bolin, 6, daughter of Josh and Carly Bolin, Versailles.

• Rilee Saylor, 6, daughter of Jon and Holli Saylor, Sidney.

• Joely Bertram, 6, daughter of Joe and Molly McGuire, Farmland, Indiana.

• Megan Kingen, 5, daughter of Margie Wolford, Muncie, Indiana.

• Vera Pearson 5, daughter of Adam and Kim Pearson, Versailles.

Relinquishing their titles are the 2015 court: Little Miss Poultry Days Rhylan Broerman, First Runner-Up Averi Ahrns and Second Runner-Up Caleigh Stebbins.

Kimberly Hecht is chairman of this year’s competition.

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