Eldora action returns with Ohio Sprint Speedweek


ROSSBURG –Eldora Speedway racing kicked back into action Saturday night after having a weekend off as the Eldora Stock Cars and All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars both raced.

In the All Star Circuit Sprint Cars in heat one the top three were 71 of Jamie Veal, the 49 of Tim Shaffer and rounding out the top three was the 1 of Dale Blaney.

Heat two was 17 of Josh Baughman, 93 of Sheldon Haudenschild and the 22 of Cole Duncan.

The top three in heat three were 59 of Jac Haudenschild, the10H of Chad Kemenah and the 11Nof Randy Hannagan.

Top three for heat four saw 70 of Danny Holtgraver, the 97 of Dean Jacobs and the 5T of Travis Philo.

Drivers then raced a dash, which consisted of eight laps. The top three in the dash were 10H of Chad Kemenah, the 49 of Tim Shaffer and the 71 of Jamie Veal.

The B feature which was 12 laps came up next. The top three for this were 71m of Dave Blaney, the 4 of Danny Smith and the 12 of Daniel Harding.

The A feature had 30 laps in it. The top three in the A feature were the 59 of Jac Haudenschild, the 49 of Tim Shaffer and the 10H of Chad Kemenah.

This win for Haudenschild (aka The Wild Child) won him $10,000. He took the pass on lap 17 and held onto it even with the pressure from those behind him for the win. This gave him his 30th career win and two of those are from 2016.

“My car was good all night long, and this is a big win,” Haudenschild said.

Haudenschild will return next month for the Kings Royal. Kemenah also won $1,000 for winning the title of 2016 Ohio Sprint Speedweek.

The Eldora Stock Cars raced their heat races and then went into the A feature, which was 15 laps.

In heat one the top three were 01 of Earnie Woodard, the 17H of Red Harvey Jr. and the 7 of Jordan Conover.

The 410 of Paul Pardo, the 82 of Chris Douglas and the 27 of Frank Paladino took the top three places in heat two.

In heat three 69 of Rob Trent, the 67 of Eddie Shaner and the 99J of Donnie Jeschke were the top three.

In the A feature 410 of Paul Pardo, the 01 of Earnie Woodard and the 69 of Rob Trent finished the top three for the night. This race involved a six-car pileup on lap two of the race. Woodard passed Pardo on the final lap of the race, but Pardo caught back up underneath him, claiming the win by crossing the finish line sideways and then hitting the wall.

The next event for Eldora will be July 14-16 with the Kings Royal weekend. This race will be worth $50,000.


By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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