Little Eldora hosts 4 hours of racing


ROSSBURG – Little Eldora hosted four hours of racing in its second-to-last event of the 2016 season on Sunday.

In the Junior 1 the top finishers were Cole Timmerman, Kaden Francis, Colin Shipley, Preston Hoehne and Jakeb Boxell.

In the Clone Lite was Tyler Kalb in first, in second was Zach Wolff, third went to Tyler Ransbottom, and Eric Bernholt was fourth.

For the JR Sportsman race taking the black and white checkered was Kasey Ziebold, in second was Aiden Williamson, and third went to Brayden Rouch.

Phillip Osterholt took the black and white checkered in the Clone Medium followed by Tyler Ransbottom, Kevin Osterholt, Zach Wolff and Eric Bernholt.

In the L0206 taking first was Jason Fuller followed by Noah Caouette, Dustin Ingle, Zach Buchanan and Chris Buchanan.

The Clone Heavy went to Ron Osterholt in first, second was Jordan Osterholt, third went to Zach Wolff, Kyle Aldrich ran fourth, and in fifth was Chad Siegrist.

The Clone Super Heavy went to Rick Osterholt with Dan Estes in second, Kent Anderson in third, Marty Himebaugh in fourth and Shawn Allen finished in fifth.

The Open had Ryan Class taking first, second was Jason Ferguson, Nathan Myers took third, Neil Patterson was fourth, and fifth went to Keith Westfall.

John Meinderding finished first in the Senior Flathead, coming in second for this race was Dylan Woodling, third was Jeremy Howe, Marvin Thacker took fourth, and Amanda Morton took fifth.

In the Junior 3 was Ian Creager in first followed by Conner Carrell, Eddith McIntosh, Dalton Lane and Mike Mannix.

For the Kid Kart in first was Audra Weaver, second went to Oliver Osborn, Cruz Parker took third, Easton Zent took fourth, and Dylan Trost finished in fifth.

The Buckeye Outlaw had Darryl Plank in first followed by Kevin Luttmer, Nick Hostsettler, Bill Dysert and Jason Yoder.

In the Clone Apprentice taking the black and white checkered was Tom Hessell, in second was Jeff Funk and third went to Matt Buzzard.

Races were contested on Sunday at Little Eldora in Rossburg. were contested on Sunday at Little Eldora in Rossburg.

By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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