Versailles boys bowling team advances to OHSAA district tournament


HUBER HEIGHTS – The Versailles boys bowling team and Mississinawa Valley’s Zac Longfellow advanced to the Ohio High School Athletic Association district bowling tournament.

The boys from Ansonia, Mississinawa Valley and Versailles all competed in the OHSAA Division II sectional meet on Thursday at Poelking Marian Lanes in Huber Heights.

The format included three traditional games and six Baker games. At the end of the day the top 10 teams qualified for the district tournament.

Versailles’ boys finished third out of 26 teams with a total score of 3,791 to earn one of qualifying spots in the district tournament. The Tigers rolled games of 932, 876 and 938 for a 2,746 series in the first three rounds then added scores of 167, 183, 198, 187, 182 and 128 in the Baker games to finish behind sectional champion Mechanicsburg (3,962) and runner up Kenton Ridge (3,823).

Mississinawa Valley finished 16th overall. The Blackhawks rolled games of 854, 749 and 803 for a 2,406 series then added Baker scores of 139, 145, 170, 180, 139 and 172 for a total score of 3,351.

Ansonia’s boys began the day with games of 459, 528 and 518 for a 1,505 series then rolled Baker scores of 84, 119, 82, 155, 130 and 125 to finish with a total score of 2,200 and finish in 26th place.

Senior Jacob Wenig led Versailles with games of 200, 169 and 199 for a three-game series of 568, placing 11th overall.

Versailles senior Alex Groff rolled games of 182, 214 and 171 for a 567 series, placing 12th overall.

Versailles senior Brody Hyre finished 23rd overall with games of 162, 200 and 189 for a 551 series.

Versailles senior Kyle Cotner rolled games of 192, 164 and 183 for a 539 series to place 27th overall.

Versailles senior Aydan Moran and junior Luke Shellhaas both rolled games of 196.

Mississinawa Valley freshman Zac Longfellow finished sixth overall with games of 150, 212 and 223 for a 585 series, earning one of the 10 district qualifying spots for individuals.

Mississinawa Valley sophomore Matt Slyder finished 66th overall with games of 161, 165 and 147 for a three-game series of 473.

Mississinawa Valley senior Alex Longfellow finished 68th with games of 194, 122 and 155 for a 471 series.

Mississinawa Valley senior Brandon White rolled games of 190 and 139, sophomore Lucas Newbauer rolled a 164, and freshman Mason Hardwick rolled a 159.

Sophomore Charles Murphy led Ansonia with games of 144, 115 and 97 for a 356 series, placing 95th overall.

Ansonia sophomore Jedd Rismiller finished 102nd with games of 104, 89 and 132 for a 325 series.

Ansonia sophomore Allen Christman rolled games of 121 and 67, sophomore Tyler Dishman rolled games of 72 and 99, sophomore Jacob Vietor rolled games of 68 and 80, sophomore Sam Rhoades rolled a 123, freshman Damien Hampton rolled a 123, and sophomore Tyler Clark rolled a 71.

Mississinawa Valley’s Zac Longfellow and the Versailles boys will compete in the district bowling tournament on Thursday at Beaver-Vu Lanes.

For more information about the district tournament and complete results from the sectional tournament, visit the Southwest District website at
MV’s Zac Longfellow advances as an individual

By Kyle Shaner

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