Farmer’s request tabled at Union City Council meeting


UNION CITY, Ohio — Union City Village Council tabled an issue brought forth by farmer Scott Nieport for the next meeting.

At the last meeting, Nieport requested for a “right of way” in Commerce Park. He was seeking permission for an easement in the park with concerns about splitting the lots in Commerce Park, increased traffic and the effect of farm equipment would have on Commerce Park roadway.

According to the minutes, Nieport stated that access to his farm ground would be on the north side of Commerce Park as long as the right-of-way was not too wet. He is only requesting an easement for the two homes on the property.

Council also discussed access from Deerfield Road through the village’s water plant. Councilman Brad Horsley will email maps to Nieport, Public Service Director Eric Hanna and council members, and Nieport and Hanna will meet and view options for the next meeting.

In new business, council awarded the bid to farm 18 acres at Commerce Park to J. Sargeant Farms for $220 per acre. Nieport Farms was the other bidder at $151 per acre.

In other matters, council:

• Approved the request from David Lee and Phyllis A. Harris for a CAUV application renewal. The public hearing was advertised three times and a copy of the map was made available to the public in the Administration Office prior to the hearing. No one appeared to oppose the application. and a voice vote was passed unanimously.

• Adopted an emergency ordinance to make appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the village during the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2017.

• Adopted an emergency ordinance setting the salaries and wage scale of village employees for fiscal year 2017.

• Adopted an emergency ordinance establishing a fee schedule for responses to false security alarms by the village of Union City Police Department.

• Awarded the bid to farm 18 acres at Commerce Park to J. Sargeant Farms at $220 per acre. The other bid was received from Nieport Farms for $151 per acre.

• Agreed to issue a purchase order to Utility Sales in the amount of $820.32 and a purchase order to Wissman Window and Door Sales in the amount of $9,320.

• Deferred the request to issue a purchase order to Brim Construction for $8,700 until the next meeting.

• Was informed by Public Safety Director Mark Ater the fire department was awarded $47,280 in grant monies from the Ohio Fire Marshall’s Office for new Marx Radios for the department. This will meet the minimum number that the department needs. The department will pay a $10 fee per month per radio. Radios will still be needed for the police department, it was noted.

• Listened as councilman John Fields asked that council pre-approved the purchase of a pick-up truck and utility box for the Public Service Department. Quotes must be obtained and brought back to council.

Council asked Ater to explain the “Good Samaritan” law as it amends section 2925.11 of the ORC.

He said it allows a “qualified individual” to call 911 in an emergency with the threat of being arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted or penalized for minor drug possession offenses.

“They can only be granted immunity twice with the prosecutor monitoring the program. The officer will treat the violations as if they were to be charged by taking statements and collecting evidence,” Ater explained. “The violator will have 30 days to get treatment or speak to a license counselor. If the prosecutor’s office determines that immunity should be granted because the subject has property sought treatment, the prosecutors office will track. Individuals will need to qualify for this program and cannot be on community control or probation; is not a post release control (parole); must act in good faith to seek or obtain medical assistance for another person who is experiencing a drug overdose; or is experiencing a drug overdose and seeks medical assistance for himself or another seeks help for them; and has not received immunity twice under this law.”

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