Versailles FFA conducting annual fruit sales


VERSAILLES – The Versailles FFA fruit sales are set to begin on Oct. 12 and will continue through Nov. 13.

The Versailles FFA will purchase its products from the same vendors as in the past.

This year the Versailles FFA will sell the following: Ohio red delicious apples, Ohio gold delicious apples, Ohio golden rush, Ohio Fuji apples, Ohio apple mix (red, gold delicious and Fuji), navel oranges, pink grapefruit, clementine “cuties” mixed fruit (navels, clementine, pink grapefruit and Ohio red delicious apples), mixed fruits/peanuts decorative basket and D’Anjou pears. All fruit will be sold in full boxes, half boxes and fourth boxes.

Also being sold are chocolate covered pecans, shelled pecan halves, whole cashews, mixed nuts, peanut brittle bites, honey krunch peanuts, southern fried skinless peanuts, butter toffee peanuts, roasted and salted almonds, peanut gift pack and a chocolate nut gift pack (almonds and cashews).

Also available is Ohio signature beef summer sausage, country style beef hickory jerky, Ohio signature beef sticks original and spicy, and Amish genuine trail bologna. The cheeses available are Amish Colby cheese, Amish mild Swiss cheese, Amish marble cheese, Amish pepper jack cheese, Amish lacey baby Swiss, Amish horseradish cheese, Amish bacon cheese, Amish mozzarella cheese, Amish pepperoni cheese, Amish jumpin jack cheese (marble with peppers) and a special gift box that includes bologna, Colby, Swiss and marble cheeses.

BD Yummers also is offering its barbecue sauce. Items include BD Yummers Sweet and Smokey BBQ sauce, Mildly Spicy BBQ sauce, Yummers Island Marinade BBQ, a gallon of Sweet and Smokey and a gallon of the Mildly Spicy BBQ sauce. A barbeque sauce gift available includes two jars of Sweet and Smokey, one jar of Mildly Spicy and one jar of Island Barbeque in a gift box with Christmas wrapping.

Red or green decorative fruit baskets also are available and include a can of honey roasted peanuts, grapefruit, navels oranges, tangelos, red apples and gold apples.

Additional products include Buff Lo Di and local honey from FFA member Phillip Grogean in which his honey serves as his Supervised Agriculture Experience Project. The honey available includes 8-ounce and 20-ounce mugs and creamed honey.

Due to the Greening Disease in Florida, no tangelos are available this year.

Versailles FFA requires all orders to be pre-paid.

Anyone with questions or who would like to purchase any product should contact any Versailles FFA member, call the Ag. Department at 526-4427, ext. 3113 and ask for Mrs. Wuebker or 937-526-4427, ext. 3138 and ask for Taylor Bergman or email them at [email protected] or [email protected] starting Oct. 12 through Nov. 13.

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