Local names to be sent to national Grange project


GREENVILLE — Lynne Hinshaw of Stelvideo Grange announced at a recent gathering of the Grange in Greenville City Park that she will be sending information on fellow Grange members’ families to The National Grange for its National Grange-Stelvideo Grange Family History.

“Family Legacy is a national project,” Hinshaw said. “National will award those families who qualify with five generations in Grange.”

She, husband Harvey Hinshaw and Grange member Dean Burk are doing research on family legacy within the grange.

They are focusing on three families in their research.

One family got involved with Grange in its first generation, when Hugh Frampton joined in 1799, followed by Mary (Coppess) Frampton in 1805. Second-generation members include Adam Coppess Frampton and Mary Jane (Patterson) Frampton; and third-generation members were William Henry Burns and Currie (Frampton) Burns. Next came the fourth generation with Walter Witwer and Minnie (Burns) Witwer; with Glenna (Witwer) Burk being in the fifth generation; Dean Burk and Sheri Baker in the sixth generation and Tia Rohrer and Teresa and Terry Burk in the seventh generation.

First-generation members of the second family were Cora (Johnson) Schultz and Marion Schultz; second, Glenn H. and Dotty (Schultz) Gunckle; third, Joe Gunckle and Lynne Gunckle Hinshaw; fourth Holly (Gunckle) Clopp and Susan Gunckle; and fifth, Joey and Calen Clopp.

Another four-generation legacy family started with Marion and Cora (Johnson) Schultz; second generation, Glenn H. and Dotty (Schultz) Gunckle; third generation, Tom and Janna (Gunckle) Mears; and fourth, Janelle Mears.

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