Board certifies petitions for March 17 Primary

GREENVILLE – The Darke County Board of Elections met on Dec. 23 to certify petitions for the March 17, 2020 Primary Election. Many of the county offices are up for election in 2020, including two seats on the Darke County Commission.

With Commissioner Michael Rhoades announcing he would not run for re-election after his present terms ends Jan. 2, 2021, there will be a new face on the commission when a new term begins on Jan. 3, 2021. Thus far, two persons have filed petitions on the Republican ticket with hopes of filling that seat. Larry Holmes, of Greenville, and Matt Harrison, of Hollansburg, will be seeking votes in the Primary Election. The winner of that race is currently unopposed in the general election as no Democrats filed for the seat. However, there is still time for an independent to announce his or her candidacy or for a person to run as a write-in candidate.

Matthew Aultman, Republican, is currently running unopposed in the primary and no Democrat filed for that seat.

Additional county offices with no challengers include Republicans R. Kelly Ormsby, Prosecuting Attorney; Cindy Pike, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas; Toby L. Spencer, Sherriff; Linda Stachler, County Recorder; Timothy Kathman, County Coroner; and Jason Aslinger, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas – Juvenile/Probate Division. No Democrats filed for these seats. On the Democrat ticket, persons filing included Jim Surber, County Engineer; and Scott J. Zumbrink, County Treasurer. No Republicans filed for those seats.

There were no contested races for the Democrat Central Committee. Candidates include Matthew J. Guyette, Greenville 1-C; Leon Rogers, Greenville 3-A; David J. Capowski, Greenville 3-C; Jim Surber, Greenville Twp. East A; Theodore O. Finnarn, Neave Twp.; Sue A. Knore, Richland Twp.; and Diana Zumbrink, York Township.

There were not contested races for the Republican Central Committee. Candidates include Terry L. Haworth, Greenville 1-A; Darryl D. Mehaffie, Greenville 1-C; Doris Howdieshell, Greenville 2-A; Cindy Pike, Greenville 3-C; Jeffrey D. Whitaker, Greenville 4-A; Lynda W. Bliss, Greenville 4-B; Dean G. Burk, Brown Twp; John K. Keller, Greenville Twp. East B; Jim Ward, Greenville Twp. West B; Gwendolyn K. Tinkle, Harrison East; Betty J. Grimes, Union City Village; Kevin Threewits, Jackson Twp.; Michael W. Foreman, Liberty Twp.; Tom Lucas, Neave Twp.; Kelly Brehm, Ithaca, Twin Twp.; Gloria A. Harpest, Van Buren Twp.; and Michael W. Rhoades, Washington Twp.

Several villages and the Darke County Park District are expected to be on the ballot in March.

Darke County – Property Tax – Additional – 1 mill – 10 Years – Upgrading, improving and expanding the Darke County Park District’s parks for conserving their natural resources and to benefit the general public; and (b) purchase equipment and personnel necessary and appropriate for management of said facilities; and (c) enabling said District to support the parks and other recreational facilities owned or operated by the cities and villages located within the Darke County Park District.

Village of Gettysburg – Property Tax – Renewal – 1.6 mills, 5 Years – Current Expenses

Village of Gettysburg – Property Tax – Renewal – 1 mill – 5 Years – Fire and emergency medical services

Village of Union City – Property Tax – Renewal – 2.4 mills – 5 Years – Current Expenses

Village of Union City – Property Tax – Renewal – 3.8 mills – 5 Years – Current Expenses

Versailles Exempted Village School District – Income Tax – Renewal – 1% – 4 Years – Commencing 1/1/2021 – Current Expenses

A new commissioner will be seated in January 2021. Michael Rhoades announced earlier this year that he would not run for re-election. new commissioner will be seated in January 2021. Michael Rhoades announced earlier this year that he would not run for re-election. photo
Two file for county commission seat

By Ryan Berry

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