The man for the job


I’m supporting Matt Harrison in the Republican Primary for Darke County Commissioner.

Unlike some of us Baby Boomers, who might need a nap after lunch, Matt is a middle-aged young man who has a lot of energy, stamina and is focused and driven. It’s very clear if you know him.

He works a full-time job for an award winning meat processor in the county, has his own deer processing business and works a lot of long hours during hunting season.

Matt is also the mayor of Hollansburg, Darke County, where he and his family live. Matt understands finance, and the problems facing small Darke County communities. He is working with other mayors and commissioners to help solve the problems facing these small towns and communities. He has ideas of bringing the small towns together as a group entity, where towns like Dawn, Painter Creek, Palestine, Hillgrove, Hollansburg, New Weston, Lightsville, Rossburg and larger towns and communities like Arcanum, Ansonia, Union City, New Madison, Wayne Lakes, Pitsburg and Versailles go together and apply for the state and federal grants and funding to help with their issues. That’s what I like about Matt; he’s full of good ideas and thinks outside the box. He will work to solve the problems facing all of Darke County residents. He will have a receptive ear and voice for those outside the shadow of the courthouse and the Greenville City limits.

He will represent all of Darke County.

Ron Klosterman,

Darke County resident

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