Light Foundation scholarships awarded


GREENVILLE – The Light Foundation presented scholarships to two Darke County students this summer, Arcanum 2020 graduate Abbigail VanHoose and New Madison resident and Tippecanoe 2020 graduate, Landen Fraylick.

On hand to present the scholarships was Greenville High School alum, three-time New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion and Light Foundation founder, Matt Light.

“For the young people in this county having a connection for the Light Foundation and to the local kids via the scholarship is an easy way that we can support the kids in this area and like most things that we do it requires some effort,” said Light. “For a lot of these kids that are graduating and looking for some assistance there are a lot of scholarships out there but you have to take the time to do them so these kids have put in the effort.”

“We really appreciate it because we get to know them and we get to hear their stories and see their excitement of what they’re getting ready to take off and do,” Light continued. “In some cases it’s a technical school and other cases it’s a four year college.”

VanHoose plans to double major in interior design and architecture and go on for a masters in architecture at The Ohio State University.

“I feel very blessed to have this opportunity and see how bright my future can hopefully be,” said VanHoose. “I am very excited. I hope it works out this year and we’ll see how college goes.”

Fraylick looks to attend the University of Minnesota with studies in product design this fall.

“This is very important to me,” Fraylick noted. “It’s very gracious to have this opportunity. It’s an honor to represent Matt Light and his foundation.”

“What is really cool about this area, you have kids that are driven,” said Light. “They have a passion to going to industrial design or some kind of architecture.”

“We just love seeing that passion and that is what we are about,” Light concluded. “We bring a lot of passion to the work that we do, so to kind of live through these kids and with the scholarship help them out with some tuition assistance is something we really enjoy doing.”

2020 Light Foundation Scholarship recipients (L-R) Abbigail VanHoose, Matt Light and Landen Fraylick. Light Foundation Scholarship recipients (L-R) Abbigail VanHoose, Matt Light and Landen Fraylick. Gaylen Blosser |
Abbigail VanHoose and Landen Fraylick receive the 2020 Light Foundation scholarships.

By Gaylen Blosser

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