Seniors at Oakely Place travel without restrictions

GREENVILLE — For almost a year, seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living communities have had to endure ten to fourteen days of quarantine in their own rooms whenever they left the building. There were some exceptions for medical appointments, but the rule has been quite hard and fast and it has taken its toll with missed funerals, weddings, birthdays and other important occasions.

But this is no longer the case, at Oakley Place assisted living in Greenville. Residents who are fully immunized now skip quarantine and leave the building for any reason they choose.

“Our residents have been enjoying car rides with family members, going through drive throughs for ice cream and visiting in their loved ones homes. Just to name a few of the things we’ve been seeing.” said Sandy Baker, Community Relations Manager.

“Residents are encouraged to wear masks and follow all of the other precautions required by the State, just as you and I do when they are out and about in public. But now, they can also enjoy same freedoms,” said Nikki Nealeigh, Executive Director.

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Immunized residents no longer quarantined after travel

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