Hometown Cable under new management

COLDWATER — Hometown Cable, headquartered in Coldwater, Ohio, has signed an agreement with Indiana-based GRiT Technologies to manage and reconstruct Hometown Cable’s wireless and fiber internet networks, and restructure various components associated with Hometown’s day-to-day business operations.

“Current subscribers will see a significant increase in their ability to function over the web,” said GRiT CEO Roger Criblez. “The millions of dollars being invested by Hometown’s ownership will reshape the entire network so customers will have an internet, television, and voice (telephone) experience they can successfully utilize without frustration.”

The GRiT team has integrated the Hometown team with outsourced vendors for various components of the daily operations to reinvigorate quality and efficiency.

“We are just getting started,” said Criblez, “And we have a ways to go to get our entire customer base switched over, but change is in the air, and change in all aspects of doing business is coming to Hometown.”

For further information on GRiT, go online to www.grittechnologies.tech

Staff report