Stump Family 100th Reunion Aug. 8


GREENVILLE — For the past 60 years, the Stumps have used the Greenville City Park as their place of gathering. This year will not be any different as President Dwight Stump gathers the Stump Family once again for their 100th year on Sunday, Aug. 8, at 12:30 p.m., at the Greenville City Park, Shelter House #3.

Henry C. and Catherine Stump’s family roots run deep. For the last 100 years, this Stump family has enjoyed returning to their roots for a day of reuniting family together. Ilene McKnight, our 91-year-young historian, recalls going to the family reunions back when they were passed between houses. Her favorite place was at Ora and Elsie Livingston’s home in the Union City area.

Henry C. and Catherine Stump were married in 1855 and lived in the Cosmos area. They gave birth to 10 children. John A. Stump, Rebecca Stump (Harrison Flatter and Rev. George W. Arnold),George Frank Stump (Haddie O’Kelley and Adoline (Rebecca) Miller), David Michael Stump (Jenny Bricker and Alice (Amanda) Clayton), Harrison E. Stump, Simon Peter Stump (Josephine F. Lambert & Minnie Crist), Albert Stump, Jenny A. Stump (Marion Eli Byrum), Hezakiah (Kire) W.K. Stump (Rosa P. Martin), and Cora Mae Stump (William Crist).

If you recognize any of these names as part of your family tree, the Stump family would be honored if you would join them in celebrating this historic day. Bring your ancestry photos or memorabilia, your table settings, drinks, and a dish to share as we get to know you.

Leave us a RSVP on our Facebook Group page, “Stump 100th Family Reunion.” T-Shirts for the event can be pre-ordered by joining the page and following the information on the post.

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