WWII Navy veteran Davis honored by VFW

Staff report

DARKE COUNTY — Byron Davis, a farmer from Monroe Township in Darke County, Ohio, was recently honored by VFW Post 7262.

Davis was interviewed and his military story recorded and entered into the Veterans Memorial Park & Digital Library (VMP&DL) on Saturday, Oct. 2. The interview was conducted by VFW member Mike Maloney in the Mobile Unit of the VMP&DL at Greenville.

Davis is an active 98-year-old Navy Veteran of World War II, and he is still as “sharp as a tack,” according to Maloney. Davis recounted how he enlisted in the Navy in late 1941 and was then assigned to duty on a minesweeper based out of Kodiak Island in the Aleutians, off the coast of Alaska. In his tale, he reminisced of caribou hunting and encounters with Kodiak bears who could stand 16 feet tall when they were disturbed.

After being discharged in 1945, Davis came home to Darke County to his wife and a long career of farming. When asked the secret behind a long and satisfying life, he commented, “Playing cards,” which he does several times a week. Davis also enjoys shuffleboard when it is in season. Hats off to this veteran, one of the last remaining who served in World War II.