Mississinawa Valley BoE talks testing, plans for end-of-year


Staff report

UNION CITY, Ohio — The Mississinawa Valley Local Board of Education met for the Regular Meeting on Monday, April 11. The meeting minutes of March 14, 2022, were approved. There was no public participation.

Judah Ben Winchester, son of Jeff and Larissa Winchester, was recognized for his swimming accomplishments this year.

The elementary report included Student Shout Outs to the following students for demonstrating “Respect:” Dallas Stump (KG), Avery Rhoades (KG), Kaleigha Bruss (KG), Aubree Husted (1st), Emma Gerber (1st), Raevyn Davis (2nd), Isabella Crawford (2nd), Rayland Hess (2nd), Madyson Ventura (3rd), Nevaeh Anderson (3rd), Silas McKeeth (3rd), Daniel Johnson (4th), Cole Setser (4th), Kate Hartzell (4th), McKinley Stachler (5th), Lukas Rhoades (5th), Isabell Markley (5th), Edgar Velasco (6th), and Wyatt Barga (6th).

Students who have demonstrated academic excellence by attaining the honor and merit rolls were recognized.

Curriculum updates included updates on state testing. Students completed ELA test on Thursday and Friday. Results are expected to be released between June 15 and June 20. The 5th grade Science Test will take place on Thursday April 21 and Friday April 22 with the State Math test taking place on Wednesday April 27 and Thursday April 28. As of now, the state is expecting the district to have these results by May 1.

Building Goal Updates were outlined:

— Eighty percent of students will meet their typical growth goal in Reading and in Math on iReady.

Reading: January: 31 per cent March: 53 percent; Math: January: 11 percent March: 38 percent

— Fifty percent of students will meet their stretch growth goal in Reading and in Math

Reading: January: 10 per cent March: 26 percent; Math: January: 2 percent March: 12 percent

At the beginning of the year, 24 percent of students were performing on grade level in Reading according to iReady. March data shows an increase to 54 percent. This percentage is already higher than end of the year testing last year which showed 51 percent of students on grade level in reading.

Upcoming Events:

Each grade level was allowed to take one field trip in April or May. Kindergarten attends Brukner Nature Center on April 13; second grade will have their field trip to Aullwood on April 28; third grade is going to Carillon Park on May 2; fifth grade is going to the Victoria Theater on May 5; fourth grade is going to Bears Mill in Arcanum for Pioneer Day on May 10; and first grade is going to Wasson’s Nursery, the Ice Cream shop, and park on May 5.

End of the Year Events:

-Grandparent’s Day for 6th grade students: Thursday, May 19

-Fourth through 6th grade Ciphering Contest: Friday, May 20

-PreKindergarten Graduation: Friday, May 20

-Fun Run: Thursday, May 26

-Elementary Field Day: May 31

-Kindergarten Celebration: June 1

Junior high/high school report included Juniors’ ACT test scores, with 15 of 30+ students scoring 20 or higher. Once again, the highest overall section scores were in the Mathematics section. Thanks was extended to Trinity Lutheran Church in Union City for hosting the testing as well as a special thank you to Andrea Howard, Roxanne Stocksdale, and Kim Knox for the facilitation.

End-of-course Testing will occur on the following dates:

April 4 and 7 – Seventh grade ELA, eighth grade ELA, ELA-I, ELA-II (make-up this week)

April 20 – Biology, eighth grade Science

April 21 – American History and Government

April 27 and 28 – Seventh grade Math, eighth grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry

Students are aware of these dates and those who are NOT testing have a 10 a.m. school-day start.

The Mississinawa Valley MVCTC FFA Chapter hosted their annual Parent/Member Banquet on March 24. The 2021-2022 officer team who hosted a fantastic evening were recognized: Paytyn Hiestand, AJ Waymire, Lilly Severance, Alison Byram, Kennedy Stachler, Brandon Miller, Daniel Hartzell, Sierra Grim and Aron Hunt. Congratulations were extended to the incoming officers: Krista Miller (President), Aron Hunt, Daniel Hartzell, AJ Waymire, Aldon Edger, Brandon Miller, Bryce Watson, Lilly Severance, Matalin Meyer, Troy Woodbury, Naomi Hathaway, Sierra Grim, Diana Rodriguez, Paytyn Hiestand, and Nedi Velasco.

Upcoming events of note include:

April 22: Junior/Senior Prom

April 29: Junior High Dance

May 4 to 7: BPA Nationals in Texas

May 5 to 6: FFA State Convention, Columbus

May 12: Spring Concert

May 13: MVCTC Senior Ceremony

May 14: Taiko Dinner Theater

May 19: Art Show

May 20: JH/HS Field Day (last day for seniors)

May 24: HS Honor Banquet

May 25: ACES (Gateway) Ceremony

May 26: Fun Run

May 27: Commencement Ceremony for the MV Class of 2022

June 2: Student Last Day

Athletics report included dates for upcoming baseball and softball games as well as Scoreboard Sponsorship (Football, Basketball, Softball/Baseball) and Hometown Ticketing.

Treasurer’s report included the financial reports for the month of March 2022. The Board approved a contract with Weswurd LLC for the 2022-2023 school year.

The board adjourned to executive session at 7:33 p.m. for the express purpose of discussing personnel employment and returned to regular session at 8:33 p.m.

Superintendent’s Items approved included the Master Service Agreement with Meta Solutions for computer services for the period of July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, and the Schedule 1 Core Services costs and Schedule II Summary of Costs for the period of July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. Mrs. MacKenzie Breymier was approved with FMLA beginning May 4, 2022. The resignation of Ms. Dawn Collins was approved by the board, with regret, effective at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. The board also approved Mr. Gideon Adkins and Mr. John Shives as volunteers with the JH Football program during the 2022-2023 school year. Mrs. Mindy Longfellow, pending background checks, was approved by the board with a one year classified contract as a Para Professional for the 2022-2023 school year.

The following were approved with one year co-curricular contracts for the 2022-2023 school year:

Mrs. MacKenzie Breymier – Asst. Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, HS Football Site Manager and HS Volleyball Site Manager, Ms. Sandy Denniston – HS Boys’ Basketball Site Manager, Mr. Nick Hamilton – Head Varsity Coach of HS Boys’ Basketball, Mr. Zeb Hannan (pending background checks) – JH Football, Ms. Kristin Kincaid – JV Coach of HS Girls’ Basketball, Mr. Michael Paige – Head Varsity Coach of HS Girls’ Basketball, Ms. Aimee Powell (pending background checks) – JV Coach of HS Girls’ Volleyball, Mr. Brant Watson (pending background checks) – JH Football, Ms. Laura Waymire – HS Girls’ Basketball Site Manager and Mrs. Jamie Wisner – JH Girls’ Volleyball Site Manager (1/4).

The board approved 11 students who qualified, along with three chaperones, to attend the BPA National Competition in Dallas, Texas, May 4 to 8, 2022.

The board approved Wagner Paving to rework, black top, and seal the parking lots.

No new business, old business, nor committee reports were presented. The meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

Mississinawa Valley Local Board of Education meetings are typically held at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the Board Office conference room, 1469 State Route 47 East, Union City, Ohio.

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