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By Meladi Brewer

Oct. 6

DISORDERLY: An officer was assigned to be the School Resource Officer at the Greenville City Schools K-8 building. During this time it was reported a student was following another after school and taunting him to fight. Investigation was completed and a citation was issued to the suspect for disorderly conduct.

Oct. 10

BREAKING & ENTERING: At 8:42 a.m. officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Wagner Avenue in reference to a burglary not in progress. Two female employees advised they worked the night before and closed the building at 9 p.m. When they returned they found the business broken into, and there were multiple cigarette pouches left in the parking lot. Investigation found the suspect pried away the aluminum siding and broke through the interior drywall at 3:34 a.m. Cameras revealed two male subjects entering the business, both wearing long pants, sweatshirts with the hoods up, face masks, and gloves. A trail of loose change and cigarette pouches leading from the business to Oxford Drive was followed, and a glove was found at Nottingham Drive. Other items collected along the trail include several cigarette pouches, loose change, a used tissue, a wrench, and the listed wrapper. Shoe impressions were taken, a long dark colored hair was located, and DNA was also collected from the employees. Video was placed into evidence as well. There was one suspect in the case. While officers went to question the suspect, they observed the missing backpack in the basement, and a female bystander advised her boyfriend Robert Feitshans gave her the bag a few hours prior. While speaking to Feitshans, they noticed his shoes matched suspect #2’s in the video. Judge Hein granted a search warrant, and in Paul Brown’s room there were approximately 100 to 150 packs of unopened cigarettes, cigarette rolling papers, and cigarette lighters. A pair of tennis shoes with the exact tread impression as a shoe impression was located, and in Feitshans’s belongings were 100 to 150 packs of cigarettes, rolling papers and lighters as well. An approximate amount value of all stolen items was $3,276.54. Brown and Feitshans were arrested and transported to the jail.

VANDALISM: At 12:04 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 1200 block of Donald Drive in reference to a vandalism complaint. The male victim advised the window to his vehicle was broken sometime overnight. Further investigation revealed several other cars had been targeted that night. On Oct. 12 a Deputy advised he was told by numerous students that the suspect might be a male who goes to Ansonia Schools and another who goes to Greenville Schools. Officers will contact the suspects and will document their findings. Nothing further at this time.

Oct. 11

THEFT: At 8:24 a.m. officers responded to the 300 block of Chestnut Street in reference to a theft complaint. The male complainant advised he attempted to start his company truck and noticed the exhaust was extremely loud. When he looked, the catalytic converter was missing. Video surveillance was unable to capture the thief, and the local businesses advised no one had turned in any converters that morning.

Oct. 12

ASSAULT: At 11:13 a.m. officers on duty at the Greenville High School were informed of a menacing complaint by a 16-year old child victim (CV). The victim advised another female student had just sent her several threatening messages via Facebook messenger. The CV was visibly shaking and crying, while stating that she was afraid to go to the cafeteria because she believed the female student was going to physically harm her. Officers went to confront the female student and asked her to come to the office. She refused and attempted to leave the school. Officers attempted to stop her from leaving, and she ended up punching and kicking the officer. The female student was placed in handcuffs and a juvenile probation officer responded to the scene. The female student admitted to sending the messages and advised of her plans for the future. She was issued three citations for menacing and assault, and the female student was suspended for 10 days.

Oct. 13

DISORDERLY: At 7:20 a.m. officers on patrol in the area of Locust Street and East Fourth Street observed an intoxicated disorderly walking in the roadway. Bryan Anguiano was observed to have symptoms of drug use and Greenville Rescue responded to the scene and transported him to Wayne HealthCare. A misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct was filled out.

CPO VIOLATION: At 4 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Martin Street in reference to a CPO Violation. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the complainant. She advised Joshua Vermillion attempted to make contact at her residence. Security footage backed up her story, and a copy of the CPO stating Vermillion “shall not be present within 25 yards of any protected persons wherever those persons may be found, or any place respondent knows or should know the protected persons are likely to be, even with a protected person’s permission.” Vermillion was found to have a history of violating the protection order, and he was arrested and transported to the jail where he was to be held with no bond.

Oct. 14

WANTED PERSON: At 9:12 p.m. officers arrived at the 1500 block of Wager Avenue to serve a felony warrant. Prior to arrival Jeremy Jones was located and arrested on a felony warrant out of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office for an original charge of child neglect with no bond.

VANDALISM: At 10:21 a.m. officers on duty at the Greenville High School were informed of a vandalism complaint that had occurred the previous afternoon inside the school. The principle advised a male student cracked a computer monitor with his hands before punching it and causing it to break completely. There were three eye witnesses. The male student was issued a citation reference criminal damaging.

Oct. 17

CPO VIOLATION: At 10:34 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Eastwood Drive in reference to a CPO Violation complaint. Dispatch advised Issac Lane was standing at the rear door to the residence and demanding to be let inside. Lane was located, and he advised officers he knew about the active CPO but he was cold and wanted out of the rain. Lane was arrested and transported to the jail with no bond.

Oct. 18

WANTED PERSON: At 5:46 p.m. officers on patrol of the parking lot of the Townhouse Motel located and apprehended Joshua Vermillion who was standing in the doorway of one of the rooms. He had a parole hold through the Ohio Adult Parole Authority and was arrested. Vermillion was transported to the jail to be held on his parole hold.

Oct. 19

DOMESTIC: At 9:39 a.m. officers responded to the 400 block of East Fourth Street in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officers could hear a male individual yelling from inside the house. Officers made contact with the male and a female who are in a dating relationship and live together. The male was uncooperative and continued to yell. The female stated that the disagreement was only verbal over relationship issues. Both parties will be staying at the residence, and the male was warned for disorderly conduct. No school age children were present.

Oct. 20

WANTED PERSON: At 6 p.m. officers observed a vehicle parked illegally and while investigating the parking issue, the driver returned and was subsequently found to have had an active warrant for his arrest. Zackariah Springer had an active felony warrant for his arrest through the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office for dangerous drugs, no bond. The report showed there appeared to be marijuana leaves on the passenger floorboard, and Springer lied about his name to officers numerous times before he was detained. Due to the vehicle being parked so far away from the curb that it caused a hazard for traffic on East Fifth Street, and not being able to make contact with the registered owner, Hurd’s Towing was called to tow the vehicle. Investigation also revealed Springer’s license was under three suspensions. He was issued a traffic citation for driving under suspension, a misdemeanor citation for obstructing official business, and a City of Greenville parking ticket for parking more than one foot away from the curb. He was transported to the county line to be released to a Mercer County Deputy.

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