Versailles recognizes Luke Winner


VERSAILLES — Luke Winner is a senior at Versailles High School and participates in the Agriculture Education Capstone Program and has been selected as the capstone highlight student of the month. The Versailles Agriculture Education Capstone Program is in it’s 10th year of existence. Luke is the son of Brian and Lisa Winner of North Star. Capstone is a program that gives Versailles High School Junior and Senior Students that are enrolled in agriculture education an opportunity to gain real world employment experiences and opportunities while in high school.

Winner started working at Brian Winner Farms in the fall of 2018 and has continued to work throughout his senior year and has worked over 4,900 hours. His primary roles is to serve as beef herdsman in which he marks, sorts and loads cattle, designs feed rations, grinds feed, feeds cattle, hauls manure, assist in buying cattle and treating cattle. Brian Winner, owner of Winner Farms said, “Luke follows directions, ask questions when needed and works hard to complete assigned jobs.” Brian Winner further states that “Luke has always demonstrated a good attitude when working with cattle, he is respectful and always willing to help out when needed”

Brian Winner Farms LLC of North Star finishes out 2,200 steers/market heifers each year.

This year 38 students are enrolled in the Versailles Agriculture Education Capstone programs and are leaving school after their daily required courses are complete and working at area businesses. The goal of the spotlight is to highlight each month one of the students that participate in the capstone program and highlight the skills/knowledge they are gaining, the roles/assets they are to their business. The students enrolled in capstone also use their employment as their Supervised Agricultural Experience Program. As part of their grade in capstone, students are required to keep detailed records of their hours worked, earnings and skills performed. In addition to the record books, capstone students are being evaluated at the end of each nine weeks by an evaluation completed by their employer.

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