Luken retires from Miami Conservancy Board


DAYTON — William “Bill” E. Lukens, a longtime board member of the Miami Conservancy District (MCD) announced his intention to retire from The Miami Conservancy District Board of Directors effective immediately.

“I have enjoyed the work of the Miami Conservancy District and being a Director of the organization. The mission of the organization is incredibly important to the region and it has been an honor to work to ensure protection against flooding and the conservation of land and water resources. These assets and the health of the waterways make our community special,” says Lukens.

Lukens, who has served on the board since 2005, is a resident of Troy and played a critical role in the assessment, rehab, and repairs of critical infrastructure throughout the region. Lukens was also paramount in helping to implement improvements to MCD’s five dams and overseeing MCD’s Dam Safety Initiative which has invested over $25M to improve the system for future generations. During Mr. Lukens’ tenure at MCD, he also supported the promotion of the river and the development of MCD’s Riverway program.

“Bill has served with distinction by providing guidance, wisdom, and insight,” says Mark Rentschler, president of the MCD Board of Directors. “I express my deep appreciation for the integrity and extraordinary leadership he has provided over his 17 years as a board member.”

About Miami Conservancy District

The Miami Conservancy District protects lives and property through a comprehensive flood protection system, preserves the quality and quantity of water, and promotes the enjoyment of our waterways. MCD is a political subdivision under State of Ohio law and operates under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 6101. A body of nine Common Pleas Court judges comprises the Conservancy Court.

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