St. Paul’s Lutheran Church sweetens staff members’ day at WHC


By Dawn Hatfield

GREENVILLE — Representatives from the Social Ministry Committee of St. Paul Lutheran Church met with President and CEO Jeff Subler and Foundation Director Lauren Henry at Wayne HealthCare (WHC) on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, to show their appreciation for all the local healthcare staff do for the community. The St. Paul Lutheran committee arrived with 71 dozen cookies fresh from Momma G’s Bakery in Greenville as a sweet treat for all departments at WHC. Pamela Clum, member of the Social Ministry Committee said it was “a small token of appreciation for what they do for the patients.”

Subler said, “We appreciate the gift of cookies, and [St. Paul Lutheran] shared that they pray for us… and that’s fantastic. All of our staff really do appreciate our local non-profits and churches. This is a great thing, a great way for them to give back, and we do appreciate that. These are challenging times in healthcare, and we enjoy when people recognize that.”

Henry added, “It’s a wonderful event they did for us… to thank our staff for always wanting to take care of our patients and community. It’s nice to have St. Paul Lutheran doing this for us and recognizing that we are always here to take care of everybody.”

Mike Meckes of St. Paul Lutheran explained, “We have a committee at church, and we take 10 percent of our offering and apply that money for different projects. Two years ago, we gave everybody in the police department gift cards. Last year, we gave the fire department gift certificates, and this year we chose the hospital… what we try to do is thank those groups for what they do for the community. Also, being a non-profit, we don’t pay or support those groups [through taxes], but we still expect them to show up in case we have a fire, etc., and they’re very good about that. So we decided that this year the hospital should be the group that we choose… Each Sunday now, during the service, we pray individually for the fire department, the police department, and the hospitals. We did this to thank them for what they’ve done and to show our appreciation for the service they give to the community. A lot of times people think that, but very seldom do we actually get a chance to do this on a large scale.”

Meckes continued, “When we found out how many employees were here, it was kind of a shock, but Momma G’s helped us out… Hopefully, the employees will enjoy a couple of cookies on us and see that the community is thankful for everything they do… ”

It isn’t difficult to see the parallel between one of the main tenets of the St. Paul Lutheran Church mission, to “love and serve one another” and Wayne HealthCare’s mission to “provide quality care and promote wellness close to home.”

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