Fortnight 2019 begins June 21

GREENVILLE – Current events make us ever more aware that our faith and liberties are being seriously challenged both subtly and overtly. These challenges are easy to dismiss if they do not seem to be affecting us – however, in essence they are growing rapidly, and insidiously affecting us. We’ve often heard it said that prayer is the only answer.

Jesus tells us that prayer and fasting are necessary. Join in spirit to pray and fast. The Catholic Church has been staunch defenders of religious liberty and recognizes its solemn duty – for God first, and for country. Since 2012, the U.S. Bishops have been encouraging parishes to set aside these two weeks to pray and fast. Fortnight for Freedom (June 21 – July 4) is a time to unite in a prayerful spirit, individually and in groups throughout the country, to ask God for success in combating the evils that surround.

Each parish/church has the responsibility to use this time as best suits their members. Parishioners have the responsibility to participate as best they can. St. Mary’s Church will have its church doors open for prayer every day of the Fortnight from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., June 21 –July 4.

The Patriotic Rosary will be led during the late afternoon. There will be prayers and meditations available at church – some led prayers as well as quiet time for personal prayer. Use the sign-up sheet in the vestibule to reassure them they have parishioners physically present during that time. Others may find it impossible to be physically present, and may join spiritually, praying at a time best suited for them.

Encourage family and friends to intensify your prayers and fasting for a new birth of freedom for God in our beloved country.