Locally built 1934 WACO S3HD Returns

Staff report

TROY — On the night of Nov. 17, New Hampshire residents John and Pupae Ricciotti will be guests at the WACO Aviation Lecture Series.

John, the pilot and owner of this one-of-a-kind, Troy-built aircraft, will share stories that accompany this WACO “D.” Being the only civilian version of a 1930’s fighter/bomber makes this WACO unique. Eighty two years after coming off the production line here in Troy, this flying machine, is still flying strong, touring the fly-in circuit and a regular visitor to the annual WACO Fly-In. John will share a presentation on the history of the plane that was also presented at EAA’s Air Venture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. If weather allows, the WACO S3HD will be on location for viewing.

Born to a B-17 crew member and later aircraft mechanic, Ricciotti said, “Aviation is in my blood. Growing up I read my dad’s 1950’s era aircraft maintenance textbooks and fell in love with radial engines.”

John rebuilt a wrecked Cessna with his father and brother in the 1970s and used it as his primary mode of transportation “until I was finally forced to buy a car when I was 23 years old,” he stated.

His professional flying career as a certified flight instructor began in the 1980s, mainly teaching in tailwheel aircraft. He presently owns three tailwheel aircraft, including the 1934 WACO, and can operate them on wheels, floats or skis.

The Aviation Lecture Series is sponsored in part by Dayton Power and Light Corporation. Parking and admission are free and open to the public. The lecture is scheduled from 7-8:30 p.m. It will be held in the Willis Wing of the WACO Air Museum at 1865 South County Road 25A in Troy. For questions, call 937-335-9226 or visit www.wacoairmuseum.org.

Staff report