Police academy gets a new name

CELINA – The Grand Lake Law Enforcement Academy has recently changed its name to the Wright State University Lake Campus Police Academy.

The change reflects the importance that the police academy has taken to be part of the university’s overall criminal justice program.

For well over two decades, there has been a partnership between a state certified police academy and Mercer County. Previously, the academy was associated with Mercer County Sheriff’s Office then for a short while after that classes were held at the Mercer County Courthouse.

From there, Mike Bailey, the commander of the academy at that time, approached Wright State Lake Campus to inquire about classroom space. The university was honored to assist.

Shortly thereafter, Kip Wright took over as commander, and the relationship between the academy and the university grew. Work began with the assistance of Wright, Tom Knapke and Greg Schuum to seek approval for cadets to earn college credit while attending the academy.

The Lake Campus also was growing, adding classes to advance associate degrees to a bachelor’s degree in crime and justice studies. Today, students can seek either degree and incorporate into it the police academy. This is extremely advantageous for those students wanting to enter the field of law enforcement. Not only will students graduate with a degree but they will earn police officer certification as well.

The previous name, Grand Lake Law Enforcement Academy, was in honor of the region the academy served. The new name is no different. Just like the Wright State University Lake Campus, the police academy exists to serve students in and around the greater Grand Lake region.