FCCLA Senior Spotlight: Elli Morris

VERSAILLES — Elli Morris is a two-year member of the Versailles FCCLA. This year, Elli is serving as our chapter’s Secretary. During Elli’s first year, she received her Power of One Degree and went to the State Convention.

FCCLA has played an important role in Elli’s life. Even though Elli was only a member for two years, she still believes that FCCLA was really important to her and helped her grow. Elli reflects on her years in FCCLA by saying, “FCCLA has really helped me with volunteer work and has been fun to be a part of.” Advisor Pat Rhoades states, “Elli’s attitude in life is contagious. She is kind, considerate, and passionate about helping people in which nursing will be a perfect fit for her. I have only had her in the organization for two years but, so glad she joined our FCCLA chapter. If you ask for something to get done, she volunteers and I know it will get done. She is a great young lady and will succeed at being a strong community member. Congrats!” Vice President Madelyn Vogel also adds, “Elli was a great part of FCCLA, and she was always happy and had a smile on her face. She made the meetings fun and enjoyable. Elli did great work and helped our chapter become as amazing as it is.”

After high school, Elli plans to attend Wright State Lake Campus to major in nursing. The Versailles FCCLA chapter would like to thank Elli and wish her the best of luck with her future plans. Good luck Elli!