ROCKin’ the school year in Darke County

Staff report

DARKE COUNTY — Are you ready to dig into ROCK? Since we are still in uncertain times, we have found a way to stay connected with kids across Darke County, no matter if they are at school or at home this year.

“We will be offering fall ROCK 2020 online through our interactive Google classroom and weekly Zoom check-ins. Everyone will register for the program throughout the county,” said Peggy Emerson, teacher for ROCK. “We are so thrilled to be able to offer this to all the kids who participated in the past and to areas we have never been able to serve.”

Each week, parents will receive the links to a virtual classroom with music, stories from their familiar teachers, crafts and more. Kids can do these activities at home, on their own time during the week. Parents will also receive links to two Zoom gatherings to share about what we’ve learned and show off any activity we’ve completed. Kids can attend whichever session will best fit their schedule. At the end of the fall session, just before Thanksgiving, we will hold a family event where everyone can attend.

Darke County Weekday Christian Education provides a free after school program to the elementary students in the Darke County area. The program is called ROCK and its purpose is to provide an opportunity for all area students to receive Biblical teachings in fun and exciting ways. This ministry is sponsored by area churches and individuals and has been in existence almost continuously since 1927. Darke County Weekday Christian Education is nondenominational in its teaching using the Bible as its basic curriculum.

ROCK has been meeting in seven area schools – Ansonia, Arcanum, Franklin Monroe, Greenville Woodland, Mississinawa Valley, Tri-Village and Union City Northside, but with our new digital format, children throughout the county can participate.

Be sure to register, as Sunday, October 3 is the deadline for the Fall 2020 Session. For more information, visit

Staff report