Sixth place at Ag Issue Forum

VERSAILLES – On April 27, the Versailles FFA Agricultural Issue team participated in the State Agricultural Issue contest at Columbus. The Agricultural Issue contest consists of picking an important and debatable topic and showing both sides of the argument without taking a stance on the issue. The Versailles FFA team chose to debate on Weaver Eggs’ Issues with Commercial vs. Cage Free Production.

The team was required to put together a portfolio and present a PowerPoint presentation about the topic to a panel of judges at the Ag Engineering Building at OSU. Before the team could present the final time, they first had to give the presentation to different organizations.

The Ag Issue team placed sixth. The team consisted of Kennedy Hughes, Madison Henry, Emma Gasson, Noah Brown, and Lauren Sherman. The team thanks Weavers, local farmers, Versailles FFA Alumni, parents of the team, Farm Credit Mid America of Versailles, and Versailles FFA members for listening to their presentation.