Disappointed in restoom facilities at stadium

By Deanna Young - Greenville


I am a paying to watch young athletes compete and of course nature calls sometimes. I attended Harmon Field last Saturday evening and the field was great, the game was great, but not the restrooms provided.

I am a Greenville High School graduate. I have never saw such deplorable restroom conditions there in 30 years until that night.

Really, my high school athletic director and stadium staff would never allowed such filth. I’ve cleaned restrooms for my job in the past and it only takes caring and a little time.

I paid to get in to the game and taxes for school and city, so between those three things I believe that it should be better kept. I know our out-of-town guests would be afraid to use these facilities and are laughing at us. As parents, we are suppose to teach our children good hygiene and keep them safe from unclean things.

What should be done at all events isn’t getting done. Maybe we should get people in positions to make it a safe and clean place for all of us.

We are better than that.

Deanna Young


By Deanna Young