A vexing situation


Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has a provocative commentary in the current edition of The Progressive Populist. The title and topic is “Trump’s War on the Truth-Tellers.”

It’s vexing that the man at the apex of the world influence still imagines that climate change isn’t a scientifically demonstrated reality. Yet it’s more vexing that he would have someone who doubts that troublesome reality is a result of human activity head the Environmental Protection Agency.

The administration does nothing to persuade or justify this patently double-edge gibe, but sails on to make matters worse. It suggests that EPA staffers delete pages from the EPA website with regard to climate changes. It would even slice into governmental scientific research on the matter.

There is something very wrong here in both moral and ethical terms. Our scientific communities must be allowed to probe and analyze without fear of monetary circumscription.

William Dauenhauer

Willowwick, Ohio