DCP continues to provide memories

Dear Editor,

My seven-year-old grandson shared some memories with me on a recent visit to the Darke County Parks Nature Center. He recalled experiences with the Parents and Pre-Schoolers programs there. He remembered running under a parachute, learning from counting and color games and hearing stories like The Mitten. We need to support the Park District so that these “stewards of tomorrow” can have similar memories. I urge you to vote YES for the park levy on March 17.

His “Grammy” also has memories of how the Darke County Parks have benefitted her. I have become a bird watcher. I have kayaked and walked or ridden my bike on the Tecumseh Trail. I have cultivated friendships with my fellow members of the Friends of the Parks. Just think how the parks have enhanced this 66-year old’s quality of life, especially my health!

Another reason that I support the levy and the greatly needed funds it will generate is that as a retired Social Studies teacher, I appreciate the historical preservation occurring in Darke County with the addition of Bears’ Mill and Fort Jefferson to our family of parks. The park district mission statement includes the preservation of historic sites and these acquisitions will compliment Prairie Ridge Meadow, the Log House and Blacksmith Shop and the Prairie Days Festival.

By voting FOR the levy on March 17, we will grow the opportunities for our citizens who will benefit from our Darke County Parks for years to come.

Sandy Hoying,